Best Cheap Football Boots For Under £50

Football boots do not have to be expensive; the only challenge is where to get them at a lower price. The prices of football boots continue to rise exponentially, and if you are a frequent shopper of the boots, you might have realised that you are spending a lot of money on boots. If you are a regular player or football is your profession, you regularly replace your boots or have several pairs. If you are not earning a lot from the sport, or any other form of income, you may want to know where to get football boots at lower prices.

If football is your profession, you play it for recreation on weekends, or when you are free, you will need football boots. High-quality boots will cost you around £200 to £300, and most are not ready to spend all that on football boots. However, if you want high-end quality and durable boots, you will have to spend such an amount of money.

If you play football for recreation or just for fun, you may not want to spend a lot on football boots. You would prefer some cheaper boots that will keep you moving and that you can easily replace when you need to. There are cheaper options in the market for high-end brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma.  This guide will give you our list of the best cheap football boots for under £50.

We will mainly focus on the following:

Are cheap football boots worth it?

Before we move on, let us first weigh out whether it’s worth purchasing cheaper boots for playing football. We have already mentioned that if you are a regular football player or your profession, you will need to invest in more expensive boots because you will need them to serve you for long. On the other hand, if you are just a casual player who plays once every week or when free, you need to save money on cheaper boots. 

Cheaper boots are not a reflection of poor quality. Although you can’t compare cheap boots’ quality with expensive boots, it does not mean they will wear out after playing one game. Boots below £50 are worth buying because they will help save and allow you to enjoy the game at the same time. Other cheaper bots can serve you for longer than you would expect.

The verdict is that it is worth purchasing cheaper football boots as long as you are not a regular player and play football just for fun or recreation.

Good brands for cheap football boots

As with any football boots you would find in the market, well-established manufacturers are also excellent in processing cheaper versions of their high-end models in most cases. Nowadays, boots have eye-watering price tags, and not all of us can afford to buy them. Big-name manufacturers realised this, and they started releasing middle versions of their expensive boots. They also release basic versions of their boots, mostly for casual players who just want to look good on the football pitch without spending a lot. Such basic versions cost below £50, and they form an alternative for high-end boots if you can not afford to buy expensive ones. 

How much do you need to spend?

If you want to emulate your favourite top football players, you may end up spending hundreds of Euros purchasing what they wear on the field. But, it might be unnecessary to spend such an amount of money. Most popular cheap boots are usually less than £50, although they will be different from the boots worn by your favourite superstars. 

Most popular football boots brands such as Nike and Adidas upgrade their boots regularly. You can opt to go for previous models because most of them are heavily discounted, ending up spending less and getting a quality pair of boots. Although the price range between the old and the new model is not that big, you can decide to pick up a bargain, and you might end up paying much less than expected. It is worth checking the prices of previous models before deciding to go for cheaper models.

Should you go for leather or synthetic boots?

Traditionally, leather is considered the best material for processing football boots because of the material’s comfort. Leather easily moulds to fit your foot which helps you in controlling the ball. Notwithstanding, leather is more absorbent, gets heavier, especially in wet conditions, and you may struggle cleaning it. Unlike leather boots, synthetic boots are cheaper, but they may not match leather boots’ comfort. Boots made of either synthetic or leather material are available at low, medium and high prices.

What do you need to consider?

The following are the most important things to look for before buying football boots:

1. Fitness 

Getting a pair of football boots that is comfortable and fitting is extremely important. Boots vary from one brand to another and within a single product line. Before buying a pair, it is important to try it on if it is possible. 

2. Weight

A lightweight and thin football boot can offer great control while playing. Featherweight boots enhance speed while playing and can help you upgrade the ball tackling skills.

3. Brands and models

While shopping for football boots, do not go to a shop and buy any pair of boots.  You should do some research on the models and brands that have the best boots. Besides popular brands, you can find some boots for playing at affordable prices. Also, what you buy should be worth all that you pay for.

4. Playing Surface

This is a very important determinant of the kind of boots you should buy. There are various kinds of surfaces where football can be played. They include firm ground, artificial grass, soft ground, AstroTurf and indoor. Some of these surfaces can help maintain your boots, and you might not need a regular replacement. Buying boots that match your playing ground will save you a lot of struggles. 

If the pitch is tough, you may want a moulded stud boot that will help you manoeuvre the pitch. This type of boot does not penetrate the surface too much, giving you better traction. 

5. Material 

Two common materials are used in manufacturing football boots: leather and synthetic. Although leather is a quite popular choice, synthetic also helps in producing high-quality boots. Booths materials are beneficial in producing expensive high-end boots and cheaper boots as well.

What you should not do when buying football boots?

When buying football boots, avoid the following:

1.  Making a decision based on looks

If you want a boot with an aesthetic appearance, take care not to fall into a trap that a 10-year-old fellow would. Looks may make you feel stylish or the complete opposite. Also, looks would not help you play any better.

2. Don’t buy based on reputation

Some brands have a great reputation for releasing excellent football boots. Your mates may recommend the boots for you but realise you are not comfortable wearing them. What is good for others may not work for you. Before buying a pair of boots, try it first. 

3. Do not rush it

Do some research on the best football boots first before you go shopping. Read reviews about each boot that you come across to get user’s opinions about them. When you take a shortcut, you might buy something you would not want to use again, and you might need to go back to a football boots shop. Avoid being impulsive when it comes to buying football boots.

4. Do not be put off buying online

Since it is easier to find any product online than in a physical market and wide varieties, nothing should deter you from purchasing football boots online. It will be much easier for you when you know the size you require and your feet are neither narrow nor wide. Buying online is easier, cheaper, and quicker, and the boot may be delivered to your doorsteps.

Our best cheap football boots for below £50

Gola Men's Rey Vx Football Boots, Black Black White Bw, 10 UK

Product description

Gola Men’s AMA666 Football Boots are specifically designed for trainers who mainly train on a grass pitch or hard surfaces. They have a non-marking sole which makes them ideal for a range of ground surfaces. The boots’ exteriors are made using synthetic material, while their interiors are crafted using textile. The heel height of Gola Men’s AMA666 Football Boots is one centimetre which makes it easier for footballers to run for the ball. 

Gola Men’s AMA666 Football Boots come in black with a lace-up closure. The lightweight design integrates faux leather that features quilted effect stitching. The dimensions of this product are 13.54 x 9.13 x 4.65 ( L x W x H)  inches and weigh 1.76 pounds.

Main features  

The main aspects of this product are:

  • The boots are lightweight, hence making it easy for you to run faster after the ball.
  • It has a lace-up closure meaning you can control how tight you want your boot to be on your feet.
  • It is ideal for training and playing on grass or hard ground surfaces.
  • The one-centimetre heel makes the shoe stable while running on the grass and prevents slipping on the ground.

Why we have chosen it

This is a good boot when you don’t want to spend too much on football boots. It has all you need to play football. It is made with both synthetic and textile materials. Since the exterior part of the boot is the most exposed, it is crafted using synthetic, making it relatively durable as it can withstand harsh environments.

These football boots are ideal for playing on both grass and tough grounds. Since not all of us can afford to play on Stamford Bridge or any other high-end stadiums in the UK, our only option is on grass or other available grounds. With these boots, you will not have any problems playing as they do not sink too much into the ground.

Read reviews

Getting more opinions on any product before purchasing helps you in knowing the product better. Many players who have used this product have different views about it. Reading many reviews: both critical and positive will help you make an informed decision before buying it. 

LIANNAO Men's Football Boots Boy's Soccer High-Top Spikes Soccer Football Shoes Kids Soccer Boots Cleats Outdoor Professional Training Shoes Sneakers Competition Shoes Unisex Teenager

Product description

LIANNAO Men’s Football Boots are microfiber customised. Because they are customised, the manufacturer has equipped these boots with many features for comfort reasons. They are soft, breathable, durable, waterproof, anti-abrasion, and flexible. 

The materials used to create them are breathable, which wicks away sweat to keep your feet clean and dry. Also, when there are no sweat build-ups, it is difficult for bacteria to develop in your shoes. In addition, while playing, the shoe may warm-up, leading to more discomfort. Breathable football boots ensure your feet stay cool throughout.

The interiors of the boots are made of mesh for enhanced breathability, while the exteriors are constructed using a synthetic material that can face the tough ground and ball. The rubber sole is of high quality with long spikes and anti-slip. The sole can resist wearing, which makes it long-lasting. These boots are waterproof, meaning you can still play when it is raining or in a wet pitch while your boots stay dry.

Main features 

The manufacturer of this product has made some extra effort in making this product sell. Some of the main selling points of this product are:

  • It is made using customised microfiber for better comfort.
  • These football boots are lightweight.
  • Their breathability allows your feet to stay cool throughout the game period. It also helps in wicking away the sweat.
  • You can play on wet ground or while it is raining because they are waterproof.
  • Friction design allows for easy control of the game.
  • Their sole is made of anti-slip rubber which prevents falling and slipping on the pitch.

Why we have chosen it

This is a very unique product. It is great for teenagers who are developing an interest in football. The boot is customised to accommodate all needs a player would want in a shoe. First, it is lightweight, which makes it easier for you to run after the ball in the field. Secondly, its interiors are made of mesh for allowing the shoes to breathe and wick away moisture. Also, it is flexible to accommodate different kinds of feed: both wide and narrow.

The sole of the boot is made with high-quality rubber, which has long spikes to offer friction. Also, the sole has anti-slip and wearing resistant features for an enhanced running and control of the ball.

Read reviews

We encourage you to read reviews about this product before buying it. Reviews will help you get more sides of the product. When looking for a pair of football boots, there is that one quality or feel you need. Reviews will let you know whether what you need in football boots is well covered by this product.

DoGeek Football Boots Junior Adults Soccer FG Football Trainers

Product description

DoGeek is a brand committed to providing its customers with quality products for better living. 

Whether it is playing, business, travelling, or pleasure, they are here for you. DoGeek offers a 100% service, and if you are not satisfied with any of their products, they might send you another or refund you the money you used to purchase their product.

DoGeek Football Boots have a design that is easy to blend and match all the needs a football player may need. The front part of the boots is created using an innovative double segmentation design for an enhanced ball kicking impact and a great torsion and bending. Easy to bend design makes it more comfortable when moving or running. They are lightweight, which makes them have a barefoot feeling. GoGeek boots have two raised beams on each side of the middle, offering shoes more support. Their height is scientific, and a lot of research had been done before determining the height. 

The sole is made of high-elastic tear and wear-resistant rubber: great for cushioning, shock-absorbing stud, and anti-slip. With all these features, the sole effectively stabilises the shoe and provides more protection for comfortable movement.

Main features

What makes this product stand out in the market is:

  • The boots have an innovative design that makes them more comfortable.
  • The sole is wear-resistant, making it more durable.
  • GoGeek boots are lightweight, providing a barefoot feeling for enhanced movement.
  • You can easily return the product if you feel unsatisfied, and the manufacturer will refund all your money.

Why we have chosen it

When we tried this product, we definitely had to include it on our list. GoGeek boots have a very innovative and unique design that makes them exceptional and the right choice for any footballer looking for cheaper boots. Their sole is made of anti-slip and wear-resistant material, which provides a long-lasting football boots solution for you. 

Another reason is their easy to bend feature. Football involves a lot of running, and as a footballer, you would love to have shoes that will improve your running. Shoes that bend easily are flexible, comfortable and mostly light. A lightweight football boot will make you feel like you have nothing on your feet.

Read reviews

We encourage you to read reviews because here is where you will know whether you need to buy this product or not. Our opinion about the product may differ with many. Read both negative and positive reviews to get both sides of these boots. Focus mostly on areas that people are talking about because that is where the saviour or the problem is. 

Men’s Football Boots Boy's High-Top Sock Spikes Soccer Football Shoes Kids Cleats Outdoor Professional Training Shoes Sports Sneakers Competition Shoes

Product description

Yuktopa is a brand that specialises in the manufacturing of shoes. Yuktopa makes specialised shoes and in a design that meets their customers’ demands. They strive so much to ensure you get a comfortable and stylish shoe for all seasons. They also manufacture football boots that are affordable for everyone. They have football boots for men, girls, boys and women. 

The upper fabric is of high-quality PVC leather characterised by softness, water-resistance and lightness. All these characteristics make you have reasonable control of the game and enable you to feel football more. The rubber cleats are moulded and have a rotational traction configuration, which helps in relieving the pressure on the forefoot.

The interior material is mesh, making the boots more breathable and gives the boots ability to wick away any moisture that forms while playing. The outer material is leather which is tough on everything that it comes across in the field. The heel height is a bit higher than other models we have looked at as three centimetres. 

Main features

The following are the main selling points and features of Yuktopa boots:

  • They are made using high-quality leather, which offers a great feel.
  • Yuktopa boots have excellent ventilation effects that remove moisture from your feet and keep your feet cool and warm.
  • The anti-collision design ensures your toes remain protected by preventing injuries during sports.
  • The anti-slip sole element offers a great grip and stability.
  • The PVC leather ensures that the boots are waterproof, and you can play in the wet grounds or the rain.

Why we have chosen it

Yokota football boots are exceptional, and we had to include them on our list. The material used to make them is high-quality leather which makes it durable and gives the boots ability to withstand toughness in the field. Also, the interiors of the boots are created using a mesh material for improved breathability, which helps your feet stay dry and cool when playing.

Yokota is well known for its specialised shoes, and we believed their football boots would also match other models. We tried and tested these boots, and we were not disappointed. They do not slip; they are light and laced up. They have all you would want in football boots at a lower price.

Read reviews

The product has excellent reviews, but you will still find people with dissenting opinions about it. When reading reviews, appreciate each opinion because people give honest views concerning their experience with the product. Moreover, reviews will provide you with a stand on what you need when you are in a dilemma.

The guide above is to help you get the best pair of football boots for a lower price below £50. We have proved to you that you can still get a football boot with high-quality material and from high-end brands at an affordable price.

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