Best Tennis Racquets For Beginners

Looking for the best tennis racquet’s for you to begin with? It’s not a problem anymore because we’ve made best list of 5 for you to choose from.

Are you new to tennis and looking for the best equipment to start with? Worry not, because we have a list of 5 for beginners to go with.

Investing in a good racquet before getting into the field is important because if you don’t have the right equipment as a beginner you might get demotivated or mess your play. A racquet made for beginners compared to an advanced player racquet will get you more success because they’re specially designed for beginners. Of course, with the right racquet, you’ll be able to hit more balls over the net, and as you accomplish something you get motivated and you keep playing it more which will bring out the best in you and you will keep progressing.

Things to keep in mind before buying any particular racquet

There are three important things to be aware of and to consider before you buy any beginner racquet. Things to consider are the grip size, head size and weight.


Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

Wilson Tennis Racquet, Clash 100UL, Unisex, Adult, Handle: 4 3/8 Inch, Graphite, Black/Grey/Red, WR015810U3

First, in the list, we have Wilson Clash 100 Ul because they have introduced the aim of progressing technology to ensure the players are more restful with no bargain on the performance. This racquet is preferred as the lightest racket in this price range, comes with all the qualities that you might be looking like a beginner in the racket. 

Additionally, the 265 g frame (unnerved) supplied with feel flex, Wilson’s very own calculated placed carbon technology, which ensures more pliability for precise ball contact and control.

Provided that, Wilson also comes with a stable smart technology, and its unique frame geometry provides you with more flexibility to be more stable and to improve the power and correctness of each stroke.

If you are able to gel with this racquet weight, then you have probably got the best racquet for yourself that will help you to progress and maintain your strokes and also motivating to take things to the next level.

Let’s discuss the quality of this racquet in detail


The best thing about clash racquets is they don’t comfort while maintaining the performance, because obviously, tennis is something that sometimes turns out stressful for your body but most probably our racquets on the performance while intensifying the risk of the strain on our body. This is specially meant for people who are working on their strokes and don’t want any possibility of injury when something gets wrong. 

Another key point is this racquet is easily adjusted into any position, and you have the best option from the back of the court, but also with this little weight this racquet is always going to be a little limited to what it may perform.

When you level up playing this, this weight might get a little out of your league and that you may longer not want to play with this. But yes, for a beginner or intermediate player this is the best thing you’ll invest in.


As we all tennis players know that serve is a way too complicated a shot, for those guys who have just started this thing will give you a little power kick, ensuring and securing few more points with the serve.

Equally important, as you’re serving well today is actually working on your strokes for the future. It’s kind of light, but this makes you focus on the right technique without having the trouble of heavy racquets out there in your hands.


Certainly, you’re finding something alike, the qualities on the return to volleys.

For example, the ball is coming your way a little swiftly so you would want to make your swing compact and hit the ball back to the court, and in that case, the Wilson Clash 100UL does this perfectly, giving you the accurate speed and reasonable steadiness.


Overall, what we think performance-wise is that they’re perfect with the weight they have. This racquet is certainly a great option for the newbies because it provides trouble-free playability and a lot of comforts, and also this does very well performance-wise.

With a lot of power this particular racquet, it would be possible to abandon the control but it doesn’t and what you get is a perfect flexible racquet.

Having this racquet that is flexible around everything is very important because it’s going to improve your game and take it to next level and you certainly have everything by this racquet to make sure you achieve your goals.

End of the day, what we come to know is Wilson Clash 100 UL is a racquet that all pros and we wouldn’t say it’s not good, it’s probably the best thing out there for beginner buddies.

HEAD Graphene 360+ Instinct Lite Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 1/8 Grip, Unstrung

No Doubt, HEAD has gone far with the new instinct range, and certainly, the vibrant light blue is eye-pleasing to say at least, it perfectly stands out on the court. And yes most importantly the HEAD is known in the tennis industry for so many reasons. Probably this version is lighter and it’s more responsive and provides more control, also if you are progressing player who is developing longer swings and the sound technique, you may want more power from your racquet while you are in your developing stage.

This will let your heart and focus on your technical improvements and tactics preferably than making as much power as yourself.

Moreover, the 62 stiffness rating making this HEAD graphene 360+ lavish racquet to play with, and obviously the newly introduced technology Graphene 360 helps to ensure a clean contact with the ball.


A lighter racquet is usually made for players that are working on their strokes, levelling from smaller tighter to longer swings.

A light racquet is best for this kind of player because without any doubt it takes all the strain from your arm and ensures that you focus on changing your technique rather than manipulating a weighty racquet.

Looking and keep these things in mind the HEAD graphene 360+ is ideal for beginner or intermediate players who might be looking for something to improve their swings without any worry about injuries. 

More importantly, the headlight balance and the lightweight of this racquet makes itlithesome and easy and trouble-free effort to generate your power when hitting groundstrokes.

A point to notice is that if your racquet can swing through the ball, which lets you generate energy and power and will put your body at ease when you start feeling tired.


While we tested this racquet on the service point, the HEAD GRAPHENE 360+ instinct S made a strong point and felt light and whippy in hands.

It’s really simple and effortless to produce power and spin with the racquet, especially when you are by the end of your hitting session. 

This is the best thing about this racquet it’s very comfy on the arm and the 100sq in the head provides gives the best shots when you are doing your first serves.

Likewise, if you are working hard to get racquet head speed, or maybe practising a kick serve, a lightweight is the best thing for that.


While hitting returns with this racquet we realized it was something specifically made for intermediate players, the little swing weight of this racquet ensured that beating through the ball and making sharp angles was quite easy to perform.

The instinct proved to be really handy while sitting back and hitting looping returns because of its lightweight.


In case, if you are someone who is looking to make a big step in bettering your game, specifically when it comes to learning fundamentals and techniques the HEAD Graphene 360+ Instinct will do it just right.

One thing to keep in mind as a beginner, the lighter the racquet is the better you will develop your strokes and it is simple to produce a racquet head speed.

So yes, if you are a newbie intermediate or improving intermediate player finding the racquet that is also easy on the arm and provides you with the good substructure for you to better your technique, No doubt the Head Graphene 360 Instinct S is worth trying.

Babolat Aero G, Adult Tennis Racket - Strung - Size 1 Yellow/Black

Remembering Rafael Nadal outplaying and doing massive plays with these Pure Aero Racquets making them the most known racquets in the market.

Without any doubt, the fans of Rafa, these racquets went huge in a number of sales and you see them everywhere you go, but they have something more than just being popular.

They are very quality tennis racquets out there, this racquet is also well suited to intermediate and advanced players, the lite served much better to newbies and advanced players.

You need to remember, that as a new player, you are likely to be focused on improving your game faster, so you might outgrow with this BABOLAT PURE AERO.

One thing that Aero racquets are guaranteed for is the huge amount of spin, so if there is any struggle your way let these racquets be the answer.

The frame is simple to manoeuvre, which means you can produce a better swing speed and let the strings care for the rest for you.


One thing that is true is that this racquet is very swift. You might have no idea about the movements of tennis, but this racquet will ensure you don’t have any problems while swinging.

Going forward, this is a nice specific thing built for beginners which will make sure you have one less thing to worry about.

Tennis is complicated when you have to swing a heavy racquet, that’s where these lightweight racquets come, they are very handy in that prospect.

One thing we often notice with a lightweight racquet, for example, this one, is that you can lose stability when you are returning while getting in contact with the ball which makes it a little hard to control your shots, the Pure Aero Lite is perfectly well steadied though, and for a racquet in its weight class, it provides the best stability.

In most cases, new players get lured by random ads of super powerful and super light racquets that in reality don’t have any stability.

With time you will be good enough to produce many more strong shots from a stable, all-around racquet when you start with these lightweight racquets.

If you want something that has a little more power but are more focused on refining your strokes, Pure Aero Lite is a great thing to consider.


Many players enjoy while serving with these Pure Aero racquets. They’re right up there to hit the pure drives which are best for serve.

They provide you simple access to spin and power, which forms a deadly combination when you’re beat your opponent.

Even though the lite is certainly a very different racquet, it maintains the aspect of a good spin and effort on the service and it lets you begin to empower your serve.

They serve probably might be the most complicated motion to improve for new tennis players, so it is necessary to have a racquet that is easily managed.


You can’t really wrong yourself with this racquet as a junior or beginner. It is a racquet that can be a kick-start for your tennis to get to the advanced level, but it also provides a little kick in power and spin.

It’s really important that you start out your tennis with a racquet you’re comfortable swinging with.

It is exceptionally well designed to baseline tennis, where the spin and manoeuvrability can make your shots into bullets.

The stick is also premium quality and so far this racquet has everything to be on our list and we are happy to recommend it.

Wilson Ultra Power 105 Tennis Racket, For advanced players, Composite/carbon fibre, Blue/Black, WR055910U2

Another one from Wilson securing its place in our list, this 285g racquet comes with 105sq. inch head, which provides beginners with a little more strand to aim for without being big.

Obviously, being a newbie is just one behind to the next level, so why not invest in a racquet that sets you for a higher standard of tennis, and Ultra 105S is the one for that. Wilson comes with great CV technology is something that takes the attention of all the tennis players out there.

This racquet is made up for a beginner to a lower-intermediate player, and it has a 16 x 15 strings pattern which is surely not handy for advanced players.

What this basically means is there is a lot of spacing between the strings. Which makes the strings move and that results in more spin.

So with that in mind, The Ultra 105S might be built for a beginner but that does not prevent Wilson from using the same technology which they use in their other racquets as well.

All these technologies are given to provide you with a trouble-free experience.


Certainly, this racquet is focused more on beginners, so it’s going to be much wobbly.

When you’re beginning the only thing you want to feel is what’s going on when you actually hit the ball, and Wilson is there to provide the opportunity for that.

Additionally, on both forehand and backhand, you might get some movements around the strings which gives you a little bit of power, so yes, it’s quite a good quality racquet for tennis beginners.

Of course, when you just start your body is not trained for those movements so it’s important to have something that you’re comfortable playing with.

Another key point, this doesn’t want to get missed is, this racquet comes with countervail technology making it extremely comfortable.


The serve is something to master because it makes your tennis game more sensible, and if you’re playing it with those super light with a big head you might a big target to aim but putting the ball in the court could get difficult.

And the Wilson once more proved to be very proficient at doing what was needed to be done.

As you are a beginner you should prefer a racquet that gives you a little bit of boost and some additional power.

You wouldn’t want the racquet to do all the work for you, because it’s you who needs to grow and develop more power and spin for yourself, and which Ultra 105S allows you do that.


Without any doubt, it will give you a wonderful beginner experience, and for the advanced players, it’s not something good or handy for them.

Overall, what we think is Wilson 105S is a solid strong racquet for beginners to kick-start their tennis career or even as a hobby.

YONEX EZONE 100 Super LITE White/Pink Tennis Racquet, 4 3/8" Grip

Well, this one deserves consideration and recommendations and to be featured because it’s also one of the best racquets within 300g.

Whether, if this is best for you is all about the preference, but how we found this as a very speedy stick and can be a great option for different types of players.

And yes to be very honest, provided the best performance out of all the Ezone racquets, we knew this racquet was going to get huge numbers of fans and sales.

The 285g is an ideal weight for intermediate players and newbies.

These technologies are very pleasing because they offer a lot of comfort to their buyers, and it’s something that we would always want in our racquets.

Because, when you’re working and developing on your game you really need a racquet balances control, power and spin rather than just focusing on one particular thing or quality.


It is worth knowing that Yonex racquets come with an isometric shape, which can take some time to get your hands on it. And with the time the Yonex isometric shape, you will find it pleasing, so just remember it’s going to take a bit longer to adjust with.

And once you are good enough with it, you’ll feel the ball that’s coming out of the middle of the racquet and you’ll start finding it very comfy and pleasing to play with.

Remember, when you take weight away from the racquet you’re losing the stability but you gain the manoeuvrability.

For advanced and experienced players who have well-developed strokes, manoeuvrability won’t be an issue for them and instead, they’ll need the stability which the racquet will provide.

Equally, if you are a baseliner who is finding something under 300g then the Yonex Ezone 100K is certainly a racquet worth your money.


The combination of speed and accuracy made it the best racquet to serve with, as you all know serve is the shot where it’s very important to keep a nice racquet to give you the head speed.

The Yonex Ezone 100L has the ideal weight to encourage to keep racquet always moving quickly around the strokes and this is also very handy on the serve

Manoeuvrability is the most important thing when it comes to serving, and especially when you’re working on your strokes.


With all those facts in mind,  Yonex Ezone 100L is a perfect lightweight racquet that will best fit intermediate, young juniors and a bit advanced players.

The Maneuverability it has makes it very easy to play with and as always Yonex racquets, are very comfortable.

They are best from the back of the court, works really well from both defence and offence points and can suit different types of players.

As expected the 295g racquet, is extremely swift through the stroke, but the Ezone provides the perfect stability for its weight.

This racquet has very good speed and ease of manoeuvrability that ensures to give your server a little kick.

It’s not overly powerful but it balances the spin and power and well-controlled to bring you the best results

With all these pros we think you should have found your ideal racquet for yourself by now.

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