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Golf is a cross-country sport in which a player hits a tiny ball into a number of holes on a course using various clubs from a succession of starting positions. The player who makes the fewest strokes to hole his ball wins. Although evidence today suggests that early variants of golf were initially played in the Netherlands and then in Scotland, the roots of the game are difficult to determine. The game grew in popularity around the world, notably in the twentieth century, from fairly obscure antiquity. On the European continent, little is known about the early game’s favourite sites, but in Scotland, golf was first played on seaside links with their crisp turf and natural hazards. Golfers compete at all levels, from casual games to highly publicized professional competitions. Despite its allure, golf is not a game for everyone; it necessitates a high level of ability that can only be developed through patience and commitment.

A golf course is a location where golf is played. The course is not a standard or fixed size, unlike many sports. The length and design of the courses differ. This is just one of the many features of golf that have contributed to its popularity and intrigue. Many people appreciate checking out new courses and getting a taste of what they have to offer. Depending on the terrain, courses might be highly different. Consider the difference between a flat desert course and a hilly forest course. Many golf courses are well-known, either for their beauty or for their difficulty.

Now for the most important part of equipment when it comes to golf, golf clubs, if you’ve spent any time on the golf course and have become used to your swing, you’ve probably realized how crucial decent golf clubs are. However, it is critical for beginners to understand the importance of high-quality golf equipment. We’ll be explaining the different types and materials of golf clubs further on.

Types of Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are the instruments with which we hit the golf ball. The Head, Shaft, and Grip are the three parts of a golf club. Golf club designs are constrained by the rules of golf, but clubmakers strive to construct clubs that maximize the physics behind a golfer’s swing while allowing for some swing error to produce an accurate, long, and forgiving shot.

There are normally three or four wood clubs and nine or ten irons in the average good player’s kit (no more than 14 clubs may be carried during a round). A set of clubs contains no duplicates. The length and suppleness of the shaft, the weight, size, and form of the head, the angle at which the shaft ends and the head begins (the lie), and the angle of the club’s face from the vertical are all factors of different golf clubs. The different clubs are identified by their number as well as their names. The length and pitch of a club’s head are largely determined by its number, which corresponds to the distance and height to which a club will drive a ball. The lower the number, the greater the distance potential; as club numbers increase, distance drops and pitch (hence height) increases.

  • Woods:

Long shots are commonly made with woods. Most players use a wood off the tee if the hole is 450 yards from tee to green. A wood is a golf club with a hollow body and a big head. When you’re 175 yards or more from the green, it’s typical to use your woods.

The driver (often known as the 1 wood) is the golf club with the lowest loft. The angle of the club face that influences trajectory and affects distance is referred to as loft. The loft of a driver is between 7 and 12 degrees. Lower lofted drivers (less than 10 degrees of loft) have typically been preferred by experienced golfers since they need far more ability to hit than higher lofted drives.

The majority of golfers also have three and five woods in their bag. A 3 wood’s loft ranges from 15 to 18 degrees, whereas a 5 wood’s loft ranges from 20 to 22 degrees. The loft is determined by the golf club number. In addition, the shorter the club shaft length is, the higher the golf club number.

Because they are most often used on the second stroke of play, when you are intended to be in the fairway of the golf hole (rather than in the woods), the 3 wood and 5 wood are commonly referred to as fairway woods. Utility woods are any woods with a higher loft than 7 (e.g., 9, 11, and so on). A 3 wood is usually half an inch shorter than a driver, and so on for each club after that. All of our woods higher than a 5 wood, however, are the same length as the 5 wood. This is due to the fact that shortening a club reduces the arc of the swing. The smaller the arc, the less speed the golf club has when it strikes the ball, and hence the shorter the distance travelled by the ball. While the 7 and 9 woods provide more forgiveness, we also want more distance in our shots.

What about woodlands 2 and 4? These woods do exist and were popular 20 or more years ago, but newer technologies have enhanced the performance of woods, therefore they have fallen out of favour. Most golfers nowadays prefer 7 and 9 woods to a 2 or 4 wood in their bag (which can only hold fourteen clubs). Woods aren’t made of wood, so why aren’t they made of wood? Woods used to be composed of wood, but since the 1980s, they have been built of metal. Compared to wood, metal provides a number of advantages. The perimeter weighting and low centre of gravity (LCG), which can only be achieved through perfectly shaped metal, are the most crucial elements for a beginner golfer. Both of these design innovations result in golf clubs that are far more forgiving than traditional wooden woods. Perimeter weighting aids in the creation of a larger sweet spot, or an area on the club’s face that will result in a successful hit. Low centre of gravity creates mass in the right place, boosting the ball’s launch height and reducing miss-hits into the ground.

  • Hybrids:

What about hybrids? A new development that began over ten years ago has truly taken off with pros and non-pros alike in the last five years. Hybrids combine the head design of a fairway wood with the shaft length of an iron. Long irons have always been the most difficult to master. In comparison to long irons, which are more difficult to hit, the objective is to provide a more forgiving choice for the player. “The best of both worlds,” as hybrids are often described. Hybrids have become so popular in recent years that many players have decided to ditch their 3 and 4 irons in favour of hybrids. When comparing hybrids, one key element to consider is the distance they provide. When compared to a traditional 3 or 4 iron shot, the distance offered by many hybrids is a significant factor. Golfers are also abandoning their 5- and 7-wood fairway woods in favour of a #2 or #3 hybrid. When looking at hybrids, keep in mind that while most manufacturers match the hybrid number to the appropriate iron number, the loft is the best measure of distance. The loft of most 3 hybrids is very similar to that of a 3 iron. When all other factors are equal, most hybrids will outperform in terms of distance and forgiveness.

  • Irons:

Irons are generally used when you are less than 200 yards away from the green. The closer you are to the green, the higher the iron you will use. A standard set of irons consists of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons and the pitching wedge (PW). The 3 and 4 irons are harder to hit than the higher number irons. Many golfers, particularly women, elderly, and those with higher handicaps, are switching to a modified standard set that replaces the 3 and 4 iron with higher-lofted woods such as the 7 and 9 woods.

  • Wedges:

Wedges are like specialized irons. The pitching wedge (PW) is the first wedge, with a loft of roughly 46-48 degrees. The loft of wedges is usually increased in 4-degree increments. Wedge lofts are typically 48, 52, 56, 60, and 64 degrees. In a conventional set, the PW is the highest lofted iron and the lowest loft of the wedges. The approach wedge (AW), sand wedge (SW), lob wedge (LW), and high-lob wedge all follow the PW with increasing lofts.


Wedges are incredibly beneficial to your game, and almost every golfer has a couple. Wedges are commonly referred to as “blade clubs” because they are so close to the green that game-improving features like wide soles are less significant. Increased shot control and shot shaping, which is encouraged by blade design, becomes the most significant technology for a successful wedge design.

  • Putters:

Putters have more variations than any other club on the market. That could be because selecting a putter is such a personal experience. There is no such thing as a “perfect” putter. Simply said, there is a putter that is right for you.

Clubheads: A traditional blade, a heel-toe clubhead, or a mallet clubhead are all examples of clubheads. The shaft usually enters near the heel of a conventional blade, making it narrow and shallow (although sometimes centre-shafted).

Heel-toe putters have the same general shape as blade putters, but with additional weight at the heel and toe to add perimeter weighting, as well as various design techniques to make the clubs more “forgiving” on mishits. Mallet putters have broad clubheads, which increase the amount of forgiveness for weak contact. Mallets exist in a wide range of shapes and sizes, some of which are quite huge and odd.

Lengths: Standard-length putters, sometimes known as “conventional putters,” are around 32 to 36 inches long from end to end. The most common length is standard, or conventional, and it is the length that beginners should begin with. The grip-end of belly putters comes up to – you guessed it – the golfer’s belly.

Personality: But ultimately, putters are a matter of personal preference. If you enjoy the feel of a putter when you use it, it will most likely serve you well. Because so much of putting is confidence, having a putter that feels well, looks nice, and you simply enjoy using can only be a good thing.

Best Golf Clubs From Different Brands

Now that you’ve learned about different golf clubs, here are our recommendations for the best sets of golf clubs.

Strata Ultimate Complete 16 Piece Golf Package Set
This set of golf clubs are on the very affordable side, yet it provides you the option to choose between if you are right-handed or left-handed. The only items lacking from the Strata 12-piece set are a dozen balls and a bag of tees; otherwise, it’s a complete set.

There’s a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons 6-PW, putter, stand bag, and two headcovers included.

They’re forgiving and easy to hit, and while they don’t have the same luxury look as Callaway’s top-tier offerings, the performance they provide is unquestionable. There’s opportunity for improvement in the set, particularly in the wedges department, where game improvers would want to explore adding a wedge or two. For anyone looking for maximum performance straight out the box, the Strata 12-piece set is a perfect pick.


  • Strata Ultimate is designed for ultimate distance and ultimate performance; This set includes: driver, 3 wood, 4 and 5 Hybrid, 6 to 9 Iron, PW and SW, Putter, Stand Bag, 4 Head covers
  • Woods: Full titanium golf driver gives you a large sweet spot and more forgiveness to bomb it off the tee. A very forgiving 3 wood built for long, high flying shots in a more aerodynamic head shape
  • Hybrids: The 4 and 5 hybrids are great alternatives to long irons, so you can play with more confidence on a variety of shots
  • Irons/Wedges: Irons have high flight technology that delivers distance, forgiveness, and control from stainless steel
  • Putter: Precise face milling on the putter is designed for better accuracy and distance control to help you sink more putts
  • Stand Bag: Lightweight, durable bag combines a cool authentic look, convenient pockets, and an easy to carry back strap
MacGregor Golf Ladies CG2000 Graphite Irons Graphite Woods Golf Club & Cart Bag Package Set, Ladies Left Hand, Navy/White

For the irons and putter, MacGregor used lightweight steel shafts, while for the driver, fairway, and hybrid, they used lightweight performance graphite shafts. This combination delivers the necessary balance between distance, control, and accuracy, allowing you to lower your scores while continuing to enjoy the magnificent game of golf. You’ll get a stand or cart bag, as well as matching head covers for the woods and putter, in addition to the whole set of golf clubs. Making this set of golf clubs the perfect value for money. The CG2000 golf club set consists of the following easy-to-hit golf clubs: Driver (13°, 460cc), which is a high, easy-to-launch driver with optimised weighting that will deliver tremendous distances while improving control and accuracy.

Fairway & Hybrid, both of which are developed by MacGregor with a low centre of gravity (CG) to provide a higher, more forgiving ball flight. The low-profile head form adds adaptability to each club, allowing you to comfortably smash them from the tee, fairway, or rough.

Irons (Steel Shaft), the CG is kept low by a deep undercut cavity design, which produces a high, forgiving ball flight and improves the stability of off-center strokes.

Putter, the mallet head shape provides great stability throughout the stroke, allowing you to strike the putter more frequently with a better roll for better distance and precision control.

In this set, if you prefer to carry then opt for the stand bag. If you are the type of budding golfer that is going to rely heavily on a trolley then snap up the cart bag option.


  • Full golf club set: the golf club package set comes with a carefully chosen selection of clubs that will help you tackle all the challenges your favourite golf course can throw at you. The set contains ti-matrix driver, fairway wood, hybrid, graphite irons from 7-sw & a mallet style putter
  • Performance driver hybrid & putter included: the set contains a 13* 460cc titanium matric driver with optimal weighting for incredible distance. Also included is a hybrid club designed with a low centre of gravity for maximum precision & performance. The set also has a mallet style putter.
  • Precision irons: the set comes with the full 6-sw range of graphite irons all with undercut cavity which keeps the centre of gravity low and deep for improved launch and better ball flight ensuring precise & accurate shots every time
  • Hard wearing & durable cart bag: this set comes with a durable, luxury nylon MacGregor branded cart bag which comes with a club divider & a number of handy storage pockets. It is also supplied with 3 matching headcovers.
Wilson Amazon Exclusive Beginner Complete Set, 10 golf clubs with stand bag, Men's (left hand), Stretch XL, Black/Grey/Red, WGG157550

This very affordable golf club set gives you the option to choose between a steel shaft or a graphite shaft. It also comes with 10 pieces of equipment. These pieces include: A driver, the driver is a large 460cc titanium composite driver with a loft of 10.5 degrees. The driver’s larger head efficiently expands the sweet spot, making it easy to hit straight shots off the tee. The titanium head design was also a hit with us. It has a lovely sound to it right off the bat and is quite forgiving.

#3 Wood, the Wilson Stretch golf club set includes a single #3 fairway wood that is extremely comfortable to hold. With these 3 woods, you will be able to get really straight and lengthy shots. With this club, it was also quite simple to propel the ball high into the air.

Hybrid, the Wilson Stretch golf club set includes a #5 hybrid that is lightweight and designed to replace, you guessed it, the 5 iron. So, it doesn’t last as long as other hybrids, but it does provide excellent accuracy and versatility. With this precision constructed hybrid, we were able to get out of the rough and into an excellent fairway position.

Irons, The Wilson Stretch set includes 6-9 irons that are all perimeter weighted. For approach shots, the perimeter weighting supports good swing mechanics and a higher level of accuracy. Overall, we were really pleased with the feel and look of these irons. You also get additional forgiveness with the weight surrounding the face of these irons.

Wedges, A pitching wedge and a sand wedge are included in the Wilson Stretch golf club set. The pitching wedge has a loft of 48 degrees while the sand wedge has a loft of 55 degrees. Both of these wedges performed admirably out of bunker, providing for pinpoint precision on approach shots.

Putter, the putter in the Wilson Stretch golf club set has a mallet-shaped head with easy-to-see alignment marks that make aiming easier. Putts are much easier to control thanks to the milled polymer face insert. Overall, it’s a pleasant experience.

If you wish, you can obtain the Wilson Stretch set with all steel shafts. You can choose between regular and extended lengths. The clubs have been lengthened by an inch.

In terms of length, the normal length Wilson Stretch clubs are suitable for anyone standing between 5’4” and 6’1”.


  • Wilson complete set of 10 golf clubs for men (left hand) with stand bag, ideal for beginners and casual players with a height of 167-186 cm, wood is titanium/steel, irons are 17-4 stainless steel
  • Wilson stand bag with 5 compartments, upper grip and collapsible stand, rings for hanging golf towel, gloves and shoulder strap, holder for tees and umbrella, pouch for beverages and golf balls, lightweight: 1.9 kg
  • Wilson Stretch XL golf clubs: Driver with 10.5 Degree loft for long, straight shots from the tee, 3 wood for fairway shots, 5 hybrid for difficult shots; replaces the 5 iron, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons for approach shots and extra ball control
  • Pitching wedge and sand wedge for precise approaches and shots from the bunker, stretch XL heel-toe weighted putter for straight and controlled putts, faster club head speed and more distance
  • Contents: 1x Wilson Stretch XL Stand Bag with 10 golf clubs (men’s left hand): Driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter, weight: 4.99 kg, dimensions (L x W x H): 109 x 23 x 23 cm, Black/Grey/red, WGG157550

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