What Football Boots Does Jack Grealish Wear?

Having a pair of the Nike Phantom GT, the England international attacking midfielder is ready and fearless to face and take defenders with his great dibbling styles. Jack Peter Grealish is an English professional footballer who plays for Manchester City and England men’s national team as a winger or attacking midfielder. 

Born on 10th September 1995, Jack joined Aston Villa at a very early age of six and made his debut in May 2014. Jack made 213 appearances, scored 32 times for Aston Villa, and captained the team since he was 23 years old before becoming the most expensive English player with a 100 million transfer record to Manchester City in 2021.

Over the years, Jack has been a Nike Phantom player. During Aston Villa’s 2019 Premier League promotion from Championship, he wore his battered white Hypervenom IIIs, which he later explained that he felt were his luck boot, in which they were since they got promoted.

Let take a look at some scenarios in the game where the Nike Phantom GT Elite helps Jack Grealish. 


Jack Peter Grealish’s style of playing requires a football boot that is light as possible to make easy, fast runs and to maintain the ball in his boot at all times. Being a midfielder usually means that he is the center of creativity in his team, and because of that, he receives a lot of hard challenges from the opponent. 

 When Jack is in control of the ball, it is hard for an opponent to take it. This is due to his technique of dropping his shoulder in most cases or his ability to pull, a great skill that will leave the opponent player down. The Nike Phantom GT Elite provides an upper hand since they feature an integrated Flyknit upper that increases the player’s touch, like Jack Grealish.  


Another significant aspect of Jack’s game is the position he plays. As a outside forward or an attacking midfielder, Jack is required to make quick decisions; this means that he is mainly pressured by opponents and needs to maintain a good spirit when playing. 

However, Jack never gives the ball a missed pass or a poor pass due to ghost lace in the Phantom GT. The Phantom GT football boot is designed with invisible laces that provide a superb ball strike, aiding Jack Grealish to make great passes.   

Jack Grealish is known for his habit of sticking with one football boot and wearing small-size shin pads and the style of folding his socks low. His selection of small shin pads has all the focus on maintaining an effective ball touch and control. On the other side, the rolling down and folding of his socks come from way back in his teenage times when he realized that his socks were shrinking and thought of having low socks while playing as something lucky and has continued to practice ever since.

Let us take a look at this incredible boot that Jack Grealish loves:-

NIKE Unisex’s Phantom GT Elite Fg Soccer Shoe

Product Description

Football boots are special. While athletic shoes are developed to engage with the player’s foot, footballer’s boots are designed to directly engage with the play item. Due to this, researchers in the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL) have been analyzing the numerous angles and power with which the football approaches onto and off of a boot when in action.

By studying the interaction of the ball and the boot at a low level, data points were created to guide generative design. The Phantom Generative Texture (GT) designers used the information gathered to design a boot that would aid in perfecting the feel on the ball and unleash a player’s full potential skills. While in development, the designers evaluated different configurations before landing on the best pattern and different angles and heights of appearance. Through the use of the data collected and the evaluation done, the designers were able to know how to make boots grippy by working on the feel and the appearance of the boot. These advancements mean that the Phantom GT is purposefully made to benefit the player.

Product Specification 

  • Boot dimension: 30.7 x 19.3 x 10.6 cm; 
  • Weight: 640 grams.
  • Date first available: 10th December 2020
  • Material: Leather.
  • Brand: Nike.
  • Colour: Black/Photo blue.
  • Sport type: Soccer. 
  • Department: Unisex.


The Nike Phantom GT is a world-class football boot designed with the Nike Football DNA and from the ground up. The boot contains a grippy texture covering the foot; this provides you with the touch needed to play with precision and agility. 

  • The boot is engineered with the football’s most creative playmakers mindset, combining a total data-driven touch with Flyknit upper and dynamic traction to improve your experience and provide you with more control on the pitch.
  • The Nike Phantom GT is well informed by players testing, an adhesive texture that is thicker and heavy at the instep and toe so as to provide you with a better touch for playing. The Flyknit construction covers your foot in a flexible yarn for a protective, sock-like fit.
  • The Nike Phantom GT is designed with an All Conditions Control (ACC). A unique treatment makes this technology during the creation of the upper materials to provide a consistent feel every time on the ball. The ACC technique allows the shoe’s surface to conserve the same level of control, fiction, and touch on the ball in both wet and dry weather conditions.
  • The boot is designed with a Hyperquick sole that incorporates an adjustable chassis with an unlocked-arch plate for easy stability.
  • The Nike Phantom GT is well informed by players testing, an adhesive texture that is thicker and heavy at the instep and toe so as to provide you with a better touch for playing.

Product Pros

  • The Phantom GT is made from lightweight materials. A lightweight quality football boot is a desire of every football player for ease of passing, tackling, and dribbling.
  • The boot is of high quality. The Phantom GT Elite is made of high-quality material that guarantees durability.
  • Any gender can wear the Nike Phantom GT Elite boot.
  • The Phantom Generative Texture Elite Fg can be used in any weather.
  • The boot has a significant texture.
  • It has a soft lining material inside the boot for comfortability.
  • It has a Hyper quick system that allows flexibility and stability.
  • They are easy to wash.

Product Pros

  • The Phantom GT Elite Fg soccer boots are a bit expensive compared to other boots in the market.
  • They have excess materials when worn by slim-footed people.

Product Reviews  

Reviews are great; they act as a direct source of information to potential clients. Before buying a product, it is wise to read the reviews as they contain feedback from different clients with different experiences on the same product. By using the reviews, one can make sober decisions on a product. The Nike Phantom GT Elite Fg has received good reviews from professional footballers. 

Kevin De Bruyne “The Phantom GT is fantastic — it’s pretty much exactly what I need to help me play the way I do. The touch, the feel of the boot is the best I have worn in my career and I can’t wait to launch them. Nike has pretty much made my perfect boot.”

Kai Havertz “I felt a difference in the new Phantom boot as soon as I put it on. The fit and feel is incredible and not like any boot I have worn before.”

 Reviews also work as motivations to designers; knowing that your design is meeting its purpose out there in the world can be fulfilling and encouraging. 


Happy Purchase, Happy Play. 

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