Best Golf Rain Gloves For Wet Weather

Golfing in the rain

We all love that time of the year when it is raining. During this time, we can do many things in a more fun way than we would do during sunny weather. Playing a round of golf is one of these activities. However, you need to prepare well if you …

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Best Golf Clubs For High Handicappers

Mid Handicappers

Over the last 20 years, golf technology has grown massively. The perfect golf club sets and especially clubs for higher handicap players provide a lot of assistance in helping you shoot lower scores and improve your game.  In most cases, the perfect golf clubs for high handicappers are quite forgiving, …

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Best Budget Golf Rangefinder UK

Budget Rangefinder

No matter how busy your day was, the golf course will forever remain one of the limited places where you can relax actively for a while before heading back home. Playing golf always feels like going on a vacation, even if it is just for a few hours after work. …

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Best Golf Drivers For Mid-Handicappers

Golf clubs for mid handicappers

What is a handicap in golf? The term “handicap” has an entirely different meaning in the realm of golf than it does elsewhere. While experienced and professional players are familiar with the term, novices and beginners are frequently left scratching their heads as they try to comprehend it. A golf …

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Best Golf Club Brands

Golf Club Brands

Golf is a cross-country sport in which a player hits a tiny ball into a number of holes on a course using various clubs from a succession of starting positions. The player who makes the fewest strokes to hole his ball wins. Although evidence today suggests that early variants of …

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