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Choosing the appropriate punching bag is essential for increased exercise performance and boxing training effectiveness. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, it might be tough to know which heavy bag is best for you, especially if you are a beginning boxer. We’ll teach you how to choose the best boxing bag for at-home use.

Which Type of Punching Bag Is Best?

Punching bags come in a variety of forms and sizes. They each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the “best” one for you is determined by your own requirements. The first step is to decide where your training area will be and what type of boxing bag would work best for you. Here are some of the several options available to you:

  • Heavy bag
  • Free-standing bag
  • Speed bag
  • Boxing bag with stand
  • Hanging punching bag

What Types of Heavy Punching Bags Are There?

Heavy bags, as the name indicates, are punching bags that may weigh up to 90 kilogrammes. You can use one of two types of heavy punching bags:

  • Traditional hanging bags
  • Free-standing punching bags

Traditional hanging punching bags swing when kicked or punched and are generally attached to the ceiling or a stand. Punching bags that stand alone are attached to a base that offers a sturdy basis. Heavy bags are typically used to hone punching and kicking abilities. Heavy bags can be used in a variety of combat sports, including boxing, Muay Thai, and karate.

What is a free-standing punching bag used for?

Punching bags that do not require installation are known as free-standing bags. These bags are usually linked to large bases that are weighted down with sand or water. Free-standing bags are ideal for training various kicking styles or for usage in places where wall installation is limited.

How To Pick the Right Size Heavy Punching Bag?

If you’re wondering what size and weight of heavy punching bag is suitable for you, the basic guideline is that heavy bags should be half your body weight. A person weighing 90 kg may find a 45kg bag acceptable for use. To offer a nice experience, hanging bags should weigh at least 30kg for most adults.

Here’s some basic guidelines regarding various punching bag weights:

  • 20 kg: optimal for youth boxers & young beginners
  • 30 kg: designed for teenagers & beginners
  • 45 kg: suitable for intermediate boxers
  • 90 kg: designed for heavyweight boxers

Heavy bags are versatile enough to fit within all different types of fighting and boxing training styles.

When Should You Use a Free-Standing Bag?

Punching bags that do not require installation are known as free-standing bags. These bags are usually linked to large bases that are weighted down with sand or water.

Free-standing bags are ideal for training various kicking styles or for usage in places where wall installation is limited. Heavy punching bags are portable and may be kept in living rooms or bedrooms for convenient access and storage. They do not require expert installation, which reduces setup expenses.

Most free-standing bags have the disadvantage of moving around a lot when hit hard and even tipping over. This is especially true for many of the smaller, less costly versions, you may pay for in a worse training experience.

When Should You Use a Speed Bag?

Speed bags are significantly smaller than other types of punching bags. They assist players in increasing punching speed while also improving strength, timing, and cardiovascular endurance.

Speed bags, unlike other forms of punching bags, are filled with air and are frequently hanging from ceilings or walls. Speed bags are widely used for conventional boxing training and feature a teardrop form.

When Should You Use a Hanging Bag?

For the appropriate person, traditional hanging bags may be a wonderful, low-cost alternative. These punching bags are often suspended from the ceiling. When it comes to conventional hanging bags, the primary issue to consider is whether you’re willing and able to securely anchor the bag into your wall or ceiling. They will be subjected to a great deal of abuse and will swing about freely, therefore they must be carefully placed by an expert. Hanging your punching bag from a metal stand on the floor is another option, but these metal supports are generally quite bulky, make a lot of noise, take up a lot of room, and can damage floor surfaces since they move around a lot with contact.

How Can You Determine the Quality of a Punching Bag?

It might be difficult to judge the quality of a punching bag based only on its appearance. Punching bags should be evaluated for safety and durability. Safety is essential. A decent punching bag will have excellent resistance but will not be too packed. Some punching bags are too packed, which can pain or damage your hand. You should also think about durability. You’ll be striking it repeatedly, and you want it to last throughout your workout. This is when skill comes into play. Bags produced in the United States are often of superior quality and last longer. Doing your homework, asking people you trust, and reading reviews are the best ways to discover a high-quality punching bag.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for a Punching Bag?

A decent hanging bag is generally less expensive than a nice free-standing bag, with prices ranging from 70 to 180 quid, but you must also consider how it will be attached. Professional installation may wind up costing you extra depending on your setup. A free-standing bag, on the other hand, can range in price from 100 to 360 pounds, but it does not require expert installation or mounting. Keep in mind that if you want a high-quality, long-lasting free-standing bag, you can expect to pay on the higher end of that price range.

Which Punching Bag Is Right for You?

Punching bags are the most important piece of home boxing equipment. Whether you’re a novice boxer or a seasoned pro, having the correct punching bag may make or break your training. Once you’ve decided on a location for your training facility, you may research the best size, kind, and choice for your budget and goals.

Heavy bags are ideal for practising punching and kicking abilities if you have the space and money. Free-standing bags are portable and allow you to practise kicking skills if you want something that can be transported quickly and does not require expert installation. Finally, speed bags are tiny and ideal for exercising finesse if you want to increase your speed, strength, and endurance.

Boxing is a high-intensity kind of cardiovascular workout. As a high-impact type of exercise, it burns a lot of calories while also boosting stamina and endurance.

Is a Free-Standing Punch Bag Better Than a Hanging Bag?

Punching bags, whether free-standing or hanging, are an essential part of any contemporary gym, martial arts school, or boxing ring.

Aside from the fact that it feels good to strike inanimate objects as hard as you can, punch bags are a wonderful method to perfect your technique, gain physical power, and increase stamina.

There are two kinds of punch bags that you could encounter at a martial arts gym or boxing ring. The first are the traditional hanging bags, which are suspended from the ceiling or a stand by a chain or rope. The second most common variety, which has grown in popularity for home gyms, are free standing punch bags, which stand upright in a weighted base on the ground.

Free Standing Punch Bags

Although not as common as their hanging counterparts, free standing punch bags, also known as stand-up boxing bags, have grown in popularity in recent years. These bags are lighter than big hanging bags, and instead of hanging from the ceiling or a stand, they are placed directly on the floor. To weigh them down, their empty bases are filled with sand, water, or foam.


  • Free standing bags have become increasingly popular due to their portability and ease of installation. Here are a few of the other reasons why they stand out:
  • Easy installation: standing bags are simple to install. All you have to do is just stick it in the base, and you’re good to go.
  • Easier to use: One of the biggest advantages to using free standing bags is that they’re easier to use. They’re easier on the bones and knuckles because they’re made with a softer foam. This makes them ideal for slow striking, and workouts which favour speed and stamina. Consider using them for Muay Thai.


  • A self-standing bag comes with some significant advantages, but also with some notable drawbacks. A few of them include:
  • Less floor space for footwork: Because free standing bags take up more floor space, they give you less of an opportunity to move around them like you would in a real match. That means your footwork training will be more limited.
  • Less resistance: Free standing bags can withstand less force than heavy bags. They will bounce around more with each strike, and you’ll have to wait for it to stabilize before you hit them again.
  • More expensive: Free standing bags are significantly more expensive than heavy bags, not including the stand and/or wall mount. A high-quality free-standing bag will cost you at least £200 pounds sterling, and less expensive ones will either be lower quality or intended for children.

Hanging Punch Bags

Hanging bags, sometimes known as heavy bags in some circles, are more often found in most gyms. There are several varieties, such as speed bags designed to be pounded at a steady beat.

To provide weight and ballast, hanging punch bags are filled with sand, water, and foam. The finest heavy backpacks feature a leather covering to reduce stress. Hanging bags come in a wide range of styles. Muay Thai bags, on the other hand, are generally longer and thinner. Boxing heavy bags, on the other hand, are shorter and thicker.

Buriez, a Haitian martial artist and movie actor, has stated that he favours hanging bags over free-standing punch bags, however he adds that bags are for increasing force and he likes to focus on technique.


  • Simulates a real opponent: The swinging motion of a hanging bag allows you to practice your footwork as if you were in a real bout. By moving forwards and backwards with how the bag moves, you can lean to lean and duck in between strikes
  • Cost: Heavy bags are substantially cheaper than punching bags with stands. All you need is a wall mount or a stand, and a good quality bag. Hanging bags are more economical since they cost less by weight.
  • Compact: Another worthy advantage of heavy bags is that they don’t take up much space. They’re small and compact, which means you can fit them around your surroundings and store items underneath.
  • Durability: Hanging bags are built to last. These punching bags are heavier, and therefore able to withstand more powerful kicks and punches. You can hit them with more force without fear of damaging them.
  • Versatility: hanging punching bags are able to be used in a variety of different ways, making them ideal for different workouts and routines. You can alternate between different types of techniques, while at the same time building up your strength and endurance.


  • Installation: Hanging bags are tricky to install. You need strong rafters or a support beam to carry their weight. You’re also likely to need other equipment such as a drill, a ladder, screwdriver, and a pair of pliers.
  • Limited portability: Heavy bags are hard to set up and their installation is more permanent – once they’re installed, it’s difficult to remove them.
  • May need a trainer or partner: You may need someone to hold the bag in place as you strike and move around the bag.

Hanging vs. Free Standing: What’s our Verdict?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “better” option here. Many experienced boxers favour hanging bags over free-standing bags. If you have limited room or are a beginning boxer or martial artist, a free-standing bag may be a better option. It all depends on your requirements and level of experience.

But for the intent of this guide we have to go with standing bags. Though you would have to keep an eye out (or two) for other guides for all the other kinds of punching bags.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags

YOLEO Punching Bag Heavy Boxing Bag with Suction Cup Base - Freestanding Punching Bag for Adults Kickboxing Bags Kick Punch Bag (Black)
First on our list is the durable yet relatively inexpensive free standing punching bag from YOLEO. It is designed to hone your reflexes and strength simultaneously. It is stable, sturdy and offers a great value for money.

This free-standing kickboxing bag for adults works on any even floor in the house or workplace. It is approximately 69″/175cm tall. Therefore, adults (4-6 ft tall) would appreciate this present as a stress reliever and strength booster.

The material is of high quality. The stainless-steel tube stand has a multi-layer structure that includes a 2 mm thicker PU leather striking surface, high-density EPE foam, and an eco-friendly fabric buffer. Tear-resistant, quick rebound can provide a greater buffer of strength and reduce the possibility of hurting your wrists and breaking your hands.

Comes with an upgraded shock absorbing system Dual TPU absorbers combined with four springs which greatly minimise shock and noise absorption. In order to perform intense strength training, you can remove the springs to reduce vibration.

It also comes with a rounded floor suction-cup-type base. The ABS base tank is designed for simple roll relocation. There are 12 powerful suction cups beneath the base to keep it from moving. Which works ideally when filled with sand.

  1. Kitopa Freestanding Punching Bag with Boxing Gloves, 70″-205lbs Springy Heavy Bag, Tear-Resistant, Fast Rebound, Long-Term Onslaught of Kicks Suction Cup Base Stand for Adult Youth
Kitopa Freestanding Punching Bag with Boxing Gloves, 70" Heavy Boxing Bag with Stand for Adult Youth Kids Tear-Resistant, Fast Rebound Kickboxing Bag & Long-Term Onslaught of Kicks Suction Cup Base

Next on our list is the Kitopa’s 90kg Freestanding Punching Bag which comes with Boxing Gloves. With just one purchase, you can get a complete set of boxing equipment and start your boxing practice at any time, saving time and money in purchasing various accessories. The set includes: a pair of professional high-quality boxing gloves and a freestanding punching bag.

This improved adult free-standing punching bag is approximately 69Inch/175cm tall. This makes it a perfect gift for adults or teenagers (47-73in tall). It is beneficial for physical conditioning and as a stress reliever. excellent quality and highly regarded by both amateur and professional boxers When you are quarantined and are unable to leave the house, you can exercise more. Furthermore, it is simple to set up at home office and enjoy a terrific exercise.

Floor Sucking Base with a More Stable Base The rounded ABS base tank is designed for simple roll repositioning. It also has 12 powerful suction cups beneath it to keep the base from moving. As a result, it can withstand your strong kicks and punches. You can confidently kick and punch! (Filling it with sand can enhance stability.)

The Most Recent Shock Absorbing System Some noise is reduced with dual TPU absorbers and four springs. When doing intense strength training, the springs can be removed to reduce vibration.

Best Protection & Support: Breathable mesh keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable. Our high-quality 12oz gloves with multi-layered foam cushioning provide excellent shock absorption and impact resistance. The pre-curved anatomic hand design provides the best protection for your fists.

A highly durable bag to kick and punch fitted with premium PU leather cover + High density foam and a Stainless-steel tube stand for comfortable hit & resilient shock absorbency, and ensures it stays durable for many workouts to come.

Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch bag, Heavy Duty Punching Bag stand frame For Kickboxing, Martial Arts, MMA Dummy Home Gym Training Equipment (6FT Black - Target)

The next item from our picks is this heavy-duty free-standing punching bag from Athens.

A freestanding punch bag is a popular piece of training equipment for numerous sports, including boxing, MMA, and even regular cardio or aerobic exercises for conditioning, enhanced hand-eye coordination, and general physical health.

The bag features a wide kicking and punching surface as well as a robust, stable base that allows you to hit consistently and confidently without the bag shifting or needing to be readjusted. Self-standing punching bags are a great alternative to hanging punching bags.

The stainless-steel tube stand has a multi-layer structure that includes a 2mm thicker PU leather striking surface, high-density EPE foam, and an eco-friendly fabric buffer. Tear-resistant, rapid rebound can provide you with a stronger buffer of strength.

Stand-alone Punch bags may be simply constructed and removed as needed. They arrive in safe packing of two boxes including all of the essential screws and tools for assembly as well as instructions.


A punching bag is one of the most useful pieces of boxing and martial arts training equipment, and it is suitable for both professional and amateur use. However, not all punching bags are the same, and some are more suited for home usage than others.

The fundamental goal of a punching bag is to absorb hits, kicks, and strikes; therefore it should come as no surprise that the more it absorbs, the better it will be for your training.

It is vital to select the best little punching bag for an apartment for your training objectives and available area. It’s more difficult to choose a bag if you live in an apartment, but the items listed above are ideal for compact areas and give a decent exercise experience.

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