Best Football Boots For Strikers

Sports have long been regarded as one of the most important forms of recreation, profession, and entertainment on a global scale. Football, in particular, has been ranked as the most popular sport in the world, with approximately 4 billion fans. In a football match, each player has his own position to mark his role in the game. For example, football has defense, midfielders and strikers.

Strikers play a significant role when it comes to a football match. Strikers, also known as attackers, forwards or number 9s in association football, are the players on a team who play closest to the opposing team’s goal and are thus primarily responsible for scoring goals. Because of their advanced position and limited defensive responsibilities, forwards typically score more goals than other players; as a result, they are often among the most well-known and expensive players on their teams. This is one of the most physically demanding jobs, and it is often associated with the most injuries. Forwards are generally the most skilled players and the most difficult position to play. Because it’s the most difficult position to play striker in football have different types.

Types of strikers in football:

  • The Poacher

The simplest and most lethal weapon in the box. These strikers are rarely involved in the creative development of goals. They move around the box, right next to the defenders, looking for an opportunity to finish moves. They also charge at defenders, closing them down in order to gain possession of the ball or to chase long passes or through balls from the midfield or defense. They are well-known for their finishing ability as well as their movement.

  • The Advanced Forward

They are a little more inventive than traditional poachers in that they participate in some of the buildup. They are still the focal point of the team’s offensive moves. They, like the poacher, chase down balls from the midfield or deep but are also capable of laying off or crossing to their teammates. They are known for their finishing, movement, and dribbling, as well as their passing and vision.

  • The Deep-lying Forward

The primary role of these forwards is to connect the midfield and the attack. They typically drop into the spaces between the opposing midfield and defense, then supply their teammates in more attacking positions, or spread the ball to the flanks to wingers or fullbacks, or move it back to the playmakers. Following that, they usually rush in and attack the goal. They, like all strikers, have finishing ability and off-the-ball movement, but they also have some physical presence to hold off the ball, a little creativity, and passing ability.

  • The Target Man

These strikers are literally like giants, using their physical presence (height and strength) to challenge opposing defenders for the ball (especially in aerial duels), hold up the ball, and then lay it off for their strike partner or attacking midfielders. They typically lack a high level of technical ability, instead relying on brute force at times.

  • The Complete Forward

They are, as the name implies, the whole package. They possess all of the technical characteristics of a Deep-lying forward, the lethality of a Poacher, and the physical presence of a Target Man. They can score by getting into the box when necessary, dribbling through and creating chances for themselves, passing to create chances for others, and also holding up play. They are usually given a free role that allows them to make the best use of their abilities.

  • The False Nine

This is a recent development. They are more comparable to a highly skilled attacking midfielder than a traditional striker. Their primary advantage is their ambiguity. They are neither a striker nor an attacking midfielder, and they play deeper than the striker, making it difficult for opposing defenders to mark them, get driven out of position higher up the field, and allow wingers and other attackers to move into the space created, or not mark them and give them time to pick out passes to their teammates. They are the most creative of the group, as well as the most technically gifted in terms of passing and dribbling.

  • Trequartista

These strikers are similar to Advanced Forwards, but instead of chasing down opposing defenders, they roam around in open spaces and move between defenders looking for an opening. They are given the same freedom as the Complete Forward, but with fewer responsibilities. They are involved in all of the offensive moves but rarely provide any defensive support.

Why is wearing good football boots important?

In the case of sports arenas, football games are played on grass or artificial turf. Wearing ordinary footwear exposes you to slipping because your feet have nothing to grip on to. Being constantly on the move puts you at risk of serious injury. This is because any sudden movement can cause knees to buckle or ankles to break if there is no friction between your feet and the ground. Boots protect you from this because their studs ensure that you don’t slide away unnecessarily, reducing accidents.

How to pick your football boots?

“What kind of football boots should I get?” It’s a question that has stayed on every footballer’s mind since the dawn of time. To begin with, everything is subjective – and don’t believe what people say – the right football boot CAN make you play better. There are numerous things to keep in mind when buying new football boots that every football player keeps in mind. First thing is

  • Budget

The first thing you should consider is your budget. Your budget determines what type and what brand of shoes you are getting and its quality. If you are a new player, you could get low budget football boots as long as they are comfortable and are for the right surface you are playing on. As a result, the top brands offer a variety of versions of your favorite boots at a variety of prices to suit everyone’s budget.

  • Comfort

You must ensure that the boots are appropriate for your feet. This may seem like an obvious point, but if you buy football boots that do not fit properly, you will have serious problems on the field. Take your time looking around and determining how the boots fit – this will save you time and money in the long run. You may also encounter difficulties if you have wide feet. Most football boots will mould to the shape of your feet, but some brands, offer an option to take into account when purchasing. Once you’ve tried on your boots, make sure you try them on and and walk around in them to make sure they fit properly. Your boots should not be too tight – we recommend going two sizes up when purchasing boots to allow for thick socks and expanding feet.

  • Playing surface

Another important factor to consider, and you should take this part very seriously. There are a variety of playing surfaces available, including Firm Ground, Soft Ground, Artificial Grass, Indoor, and AstroTurf, all of which have been precision engineered for each surface. Unless you’re going to buy two pairs of boots, you’ll want to get boots that are designed for the type of ground you’ll be playing on the most. If the pitch is soft and boggy on match day, you’ll need to wear soft-ground boots [SG] for the best performance. If the pitch is harder, choosing a moulded stud football boot [FG] will be beneficial for moving around the pitch because the studs will not penetrate the surface as deeply, allowing for better traction.

  • Material

Despite leather being the most popular material for football boots, there are also synthetic options available, which have some advantages on top-tier boots but can be a disadvantage on lower-tier versions because you don’t get the same on-the-ball feel, which may impact your gameplay.

Best Football Boots For Strikers

Now that you’ve read about important factors when it comes to choosing a good football shoe. Here are our suggestions on the football shoes to get:

adidas Men's X Ghosted.1 Fg Soccer Shoe

In football, every little advantage counts. Players work hard to develop intense speed in order to outrun their defenders in 50-50 ball battles. If you arrive first, you’ll be one step away from a dangerous one-on-one with the keeper to slot the ball home. This is what the adidas X Ghosted.1 promises. You get a really close touch on the ball and feel light on your feet, just like the other speed boots on our list. None of them, however, can match the adidas X Ghosted.1’s tremendously snappy carbon soleplate, which propels you ahead with every step. If you want to feel faster in the race for the through ball behind the last d, this is the game for you. This is for players who wish to feel faster in the race behind the last defender for the through ball. The X Ghosted is the first football boot with a dynamic carbon plate that is available at scale. The stud design has been enhanced, and a toe spring has been added, enabling for on-demand lineal bursts while still providing support for explosive, dynamic movement. The X-new Ghosted+’s MirageSkin has a rubber-like texture and is an exceptionally thin alternative to some other boots on the market. This boot is so light that it almost feels like you’re not wearing any at all. When it comes to football, no one wants blisters. The 3d printed pads on the back of the heel are designed for maximum comfort in such a light boot, therefore this has been addressed. In case you want to carry your boots around in style, the boots come with a white mesh bag branded with the adidas X symbol.


  • Super responsive carbon fiber outsole
  • Tight compressive fit
  • Light weight
  • Classic barefoot feel
PUMA Men's Future 5.1 Netfit Low Fg/Ag Football Boots

In the all-new FUTURE 5.1, you can modify your fit with NETFIT lacing technology, while an ultra-responsive, lightweight RAPIDAGILITY outsole provides durable traction and enables rapid bursts of speed. The knit upper is highly designed and has textured grip in key strike zones. The Puma Future 5.1 is one of the top boots on the market right now since it checks all of the boxes for a pair of boots. It’s light, with a soft, stretchy, and accommodating Netfit top that keeps your feet comfy in any condition while offering great lockdown. And it’s the Future’s sock-like Netfit upper that earns it a spot on this list for me. Despite the cluttered appearance of the upper’s design and textures, striking the ball feels crisp and clean, with only the tiniest bit of cushioning to take the pain out of the strike. All of this while maintaining the ball’s near proximity. If you want an even cleaner surface, you can relace your boots to remove the laces from your strikezone. It appears to be designed for any forward-thinking player who appreciates a beautiful soft touch without sacrificing a near ball feel.


  • Rapid agility: Ultralight outsole provides robust traction for rapid bursts of speed – One-piece designed knit upper
  • For use on firm natural and artificial grass surfaces.
  • Conical and bladed studs combine in a reactive outsole design.
  • NETFIT lacing system that can be customized
  • Grip texture in important strike zones has been improved.
adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe Unisex-Adult, Cloud White/Gold Metallic/Core Black, 7 UK

This best football footwear for attackers contains spikes that increase grip and ball control and are inspired by the scales of the komodo dragon. The spikes are generally located in the strike zone and are positioned in such a way that they align with important ball contact spots. These spikes not only improve performance, but they also give off a lethal appearance. When you look at each of the studs, you’ll see that they’re designed in a Hybrid manner, which increases the boot’s rotation and traction. Each stud is much thinner than you might imagine, which makes them an excellent choice for both FG and AG surfaces. In fact, this is one of the areas of the boot where they shine.

This football boot’s knit-based material provides a sock-like fit that wraps around your foot. The upper features a mid-top collar that reaches all the way down to the ankle. The adidas Predator 20.1 includes a totally removable footbed with the word “PREDATOR” plainly inscribed on the heel. A single layer of black foam is included.

DEMONSKIN is the outcome of a computer algorithm that was utilized to design a whole new interface between the boot and the ball, based on years of data-driven study and testing. Its spikes have been designed to wrap around the front and side of the boot in a pattern that corresponds with critical ball contact locations, giving players more control and touch on the ball.


  • Unique, aggressive design
  • Demonskin spikes very grippy
  • Punchy sensation when striking
  • FG/AG compatible
NIKE Men's Phantom Vsn 2 Academy Df Fg/Mg Football Shoe

Are you a top player looking for the best soccer boots for control on the market? Or are you more of a Playmaker, who enjoys making fast, nimble movements? A foot-hugging fly knit upper material blends stretch, breathability, and support in the Nike men’s stylish Vsn. The ghost lacing technology on these top football striker boots tightens the closure with just one pull. And there’s more. It ensures that you have maximum security and comfort. This striker’s football boot’s soft and elastic knit dynamic fit collar delivers a more streamlined feel and comfortable fit. When shooting, passing, or dribbling, the inside bootie fits your foot, while the micro-textured synthetic leather upper provides for precise touch and control. A lightweight insole is included with the Nike football boot to enhance cushioning. A hyper precision plate and hybrid stud design are included in the Nike VSN 2 best striker football footwear. Because this configuration pattern is lightweight, you can perform forceful cuts and bursts of speed, as well as rapid maneuvers in small areas.


  • Quad-Fit mesh hugs your foot without being constricting
  • Targeted texture across the upper provides precise touch and control on the ball.
  • Flyknit construction creates flexible, breathable support.
  • Ghost Lace system tightens with one pull and stays hidden for a clean striking surface and precision on the ball.
  • Dynamic Fit collar wraps your ankle in soft, stretchy knit for a comfortable, secure fit.
adidas Men's Nemeziz Messi 19.4 FxG 39s Football Sneakers

When a football boot is named after one of the greatest strikers in the history of the game and is known for scoring genuinely spectacular goals, you know it’s going to be good. There are no guarantees that you will be able to play like Lionel Messi with these boots, but they have been created with strikers in mind. The soft agility mesh upper promotes optimal ball control and a quick first touch. The dual lock collar, which provides a strong lockdown for ankle stability, is another unique feature. On the hardest terrains, the messiGAMBETRAX outsole creates a unique lightweight feel to aid forward speed and agility.


  • 100% Synthetics
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6-12 inches from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0-3 inches
  • Boot opening measures approximately 0-3 inches around
  • Medium fit
  • Lace closure
  • Soft synthetic upper, Mono tongue construction
  • Flexible ground outsole to move with high-speed control and stability on firm ground (dry natural grass), artificial grass (long bladed synthetic fibre) and hard ground

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