PUMA Future 19.1 Review

Puma is a renowned German designer, manufacturer and marketer of casual footwear, accessories and apparel. For decades now, it’s been one of the top dogs in the sportswear industry globally, making some of the best products in the market. Part of its catalogue includes professional football cleats, some of which are favourites for some of the world’s best athletes. And one of these boots is the Puma Future 19.1.

Most brands, including PUMA at one point, could not get their boots to capture a custom fit sensation. Only a few leather football boots had their way past this concern, and PUMA had to develop a better solution. This led to the development of the NETFIT system. This innovation, among many technologies, shocked the football world and made the Future line a steal for many. Besides pulling off that mystery factor, the boot also boasts superior comfort and an excellent feel for the ball.

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Read on to find out what the PUMA Future 19.1 has to offer in detail.


Size: True to size

Weight: 215.46 grams

Outer Material: Knit

Closure: Lace-up

Sole: Rubber

Heel Type: Flat

Heel Height: 1 cm

Best Use: Football

Shoe Width: Medium


Pros Cons


·         Customisable fit

·         An excellent heel collar

·         Punchy feel when shooting

·         Remarkable on-feet comfort

·         Striking stylish look


·         The fit may be too wide for some players

·         Thin insole




Review Summary

The PUMA Future 19.1 is a redesign from prior versions of the Future line. It now displays a significant rebuild with the new design ideally typifying PUMA’S maverick style.

The previous counterparts favoured a synthetic upper, but the new Future 19.1 comes with a super soft evoKNIT material. On the upper is a new 3D design that PUMA refers to as the Havoc Frame, which provides more control on the ball.

Its collar is now better fitted to your foot and is also more streamlined, making it one of the best and most comfortable knit collars there is. The boot retains the NETFIT lacing system, which is still the primary selling point of the Future line. Through this, this football boot delivers nothing less a customisable fit.

Another feature the Future 19.1 retains from previous models is the RAPIDAGILITY outsole. So, expect nothing short of exceptional grip on both artificial turf and firm ground surfaces. The boot then includes a thin inner layer that is lightly cushioned for additional comfort.

Detailed Features of the Future 19.1


Whenever a boot hardly hits the market, PUMA doesn’t fail to introduce a host of new colourways boldly. And, the Future 19.1 football boot is no exception. Barely a couple of months since launch, you already have four diverse colourways, which include: launch, Alter Reality, MVP, and blackout. The launch boasts admirable eccentric stylings and a notable fitting, and the other three releases are also incredible. However, the three colourways after the launch have somewhat tame soleplates.

The upper design resembles a fingerprint that stretches to cover the whole boot. The print ridges are raised and are surprisingly firm to the feel. With this design being one of a kind, you can tell that the Future 19.1 sits closely to Puma’s chest. The design, however, doesn’t cover the entire upper, with the remaining part being mostly unexposed EvoKnit which looks somewhat similar to Future prior models.

The major difference between the Future 19.1 and previous versions is the introduction of the NETFIT system. Previously, PUMA used a honeycomb structure in an extra layer of material running across the boot. The new system is quite different and may appear slightly less visually appealing than some previous models. However, the NETFIT system showcases several lacing options allowing this Future boot to offer a customisable fit.

PUMA also refined the area covered by these lace holes. In other words, the boot only includes the holes in areas where you expect them to be for more practicality. The holes are also pretty small to keep stray studs that tend to get caught up in them.

Sock Collar

The boot’s collar only received a subtle tweak in the Future 19.1. It only curves a little bit more to reduce chafing instances and make it feel extra comfortable to boot. Like other Future boots, it still delivers the Goldilocks balance, making it feel like an extending part of your foot. And even more impressive, it does that without interfering with your ankle’s mobility.


On the upper, the Future 19.1 boot features the incredible 3D Havoc Frame. It includes wavy textured and raised patterns all over, which also happen to be hollow inside. As such, they help provide a somewhat cushioned feel when hitting the ball. The patterns also boast a silicon layer which PUMA claims gives you more control and grip.

There’s another tweak on the central area where the classic tongue previously used to be. The material now feels much more stretchy and therefore, more accommodating to your foot. As a result, it’s now super easy to wear the boot compared to other one-piece upper rivals. The only downside to this feature is that you will likely experience lockdown issues if you wear the boot without laces. The stretchiness also translates to less lockdown, and therefore, going without laces could bring about the risk of an injury.


The outsole entails a new Pebax plate that uses PUMA’s RapidAgility technology. Through this, it effectively cuts down the boot’s overall weight without giving up on vital aspects. On the foot arch, this boot includes bridge stabilisers which prove to help prevent injuries.

The underfoot performance of the Future 19.1 is impeccable. Crossing the midfoot is a thick ‘X’ which delivers nothing less elite responsiveness from the boot’s soleplate. Working alongside the forefoot ensures that you remain on your feet for the entire 90 minutes, or rather 120 minutes where applicable, with no feeling of discomfort.

The conical set-up guarantees you zero chances of slipping and enables you to make quick cuts without fretting about the studs getting purchased in the pitch. According to PUMA, the set-up is AG/FG making the boot very versatile no matter what type of pitch you play on.


PUMA, in my opinion, doesn’t get enough credit as an excellent purveyor of comfort. Every time they launch a boot, the first aspect you are likely to notice is how fast their boots feel broken in. However, it might feel a bit more scary than you had anticipated with the Future 19.1. At first, the boot may feel quite stiff, especially on the forefoot upper and underfoot as well.

Even so, it will take a short while for the upper to soften. The exposed evoKnit in the midfoot also felt soft and blended nicely with the forefoot. Perhaps the initial stiffness is nothing but the nature of having two synthetic layers. Also, the boot includes a soft liner that’s forgiving to make sure the boot doesn’t feel like a block of wood. The evoKnit is also soft from the start to ensure the ‘tongue’ area and the slight collar feel lush out of the box.

The boots underfoot is a bit stiff, but it does develop decent flex from a few wears. You’ll also enjoy superior responsiveness even after lots of wear, thanks to the boot’s soleplate. The Future 19.1 doesn’t disappoint and includes all the aspects you’d expect to find in a Future sneaker. And it’s also impressive how PUMA built the boot to last without compromising its comfort.

Who wears the PUMA Future 19.1?   

This boot is a top-level football boot ideal for players competing at the elite level who want a light synthetic boot that supports custom adjustment.

With an ever-expanding PUMA stable, the Future 19.1 is a favourite for quite many top-tier players. The most prominent include Marco Reus, Luis Suarez and Marko Arnautovic. This is proof enough that the Future 19.1 is a top-quality football boot that you should welcome in your boot bag.

Alternatives to the Puma Future 19.1

PUMA Men's One 19.1 Cc Fg/Ag Footbal Shoes

Coming from the Puma One line, the 19.1 version brags a bold look alongside several innovations. Besides a stylish design, this football boot is also highly commendable for its impressive fit. It then includes a K-leather upper, which delivers supple quality and enables it to conform to the shape of your foot and hence a snug fit.

Unlike the Future 19.1, which uses NETFIT technology, this boot features Fusefit technology for its lacing system, which also delivers multiple lacing options.

It then includes PUMA’s Rapidsprint outsole, which besides being lightweight, also offers notable traction on the pitch. The strategic placement of both chevron and round studs makes it an ideal boot for both artificial grass and firm ground pitches. Lastly, the boot is available in special colourways.

Puma - Mens Puma One 20.1 Shoes, 6 M UK, Ultra Yellow/Puma Black/Orange Alert

The PUMA Youth One 20.1 is an ideal football boot for players living on the wild side. It strikes an excellent balance between a striking design and impeccable flexibility. And for that reason, it is an ideal football boot for wingers who fancy dribbling football.

The boot’s grip is exceptional and eliminates any uneasy feeling that is common in other brands. It’s also very remarkable in supporting you when playing on either grass or artificial surfaces.

Being a PUMA football boot, its design incorporates the innovative evoKNIT technology. As such, it’s not only breathable and sleek but also functional and easy to wear.

PUMA Ultra 1.2 FG/AG

The Puma Ultra 1.2 is designed for use in both artificial grass and firm surfaces. It features Grip Control Pro coating, which comes in handy in optimising ball handling with ease. Additionally, it includes a braided fastening system that guarantees exceptional support and stability even during high speeds. The boot’s sole then incorporates TPU SpeedUnit studs, which ensure impressive traction and optimal speed at the same time.

Moreover, this football boot displays a classic design with excellent aerodynamics for maximums speeds. It’s also extremely lightweight and hence an ideal pick for wingers who tend to dribble a lot. With the Ultra 1.2, expect great ball control at top speeds and top-tier reliability to boot.

Maintenance of football boots

After spending your hard-earned cash on some new football boots, you undoubtedly want to ensure you maintain them properly. Other than keeping them clean, also ensure they don’t smell overly bad as well.

It’s also important to note that most football boots may need a bit of stretching and wear-time.

How to stretch football boots

Here are a few tips on how you could stretch your boots in a desperate situation.

  1. Use shoe stretchers
  2. Take a bath in them
  • Run a warm bath
  • Put on a pair of socks and your football boots
  • Sit in the bath with them on for roughly 20 or 30 minutes
  • After the bath, remove the boots and stuff them with pieces of paper
  • Leave them to dry naturally
  • Replace the papers with dry ones to accelerate the process.
  1. Fill them with water and freeze
  • Find a water-tight bag and fill it with water
  • Carefully put the bag in your football boot’s toe box
  • Insert the boot into a freezer for roughly 8 hours
  • The frozen water will expand hence stretching your boots
  • Repeat is needed until you attain the desired fit

If none of these methods doesn’t stretch your boots, perhaps it’s time you invested in a new pair of football boots.

Final Wrap Up

Without a doubt, the PUMA Future 19.1 deserves some applause and commendation. The comfort is nothing short of what you would expect from an elite football boot. And its sensation on the ball is worth benchmarking by other brands striving for the same performance standards. We live in an era where manufacturers make products targeting specific play-types such as skill, control, speed, etc. Therefore, finding a football boot that fits any style and use is quite refreshing.

Therefore,  we recommend the PUMA Future 19.1 as one of the best football boots in the market. PUMA’s effort and work in this particular boot is nothing short of exceptional. The Future is remarkable, and the Future looks even much better.

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