Best Boxing Gloves For Kids

Getting the best boxing gloves for your kid can be challenging because you will need gloves that provide protection, comfort and have a long life span. If you like shopping online, you will have many options to choose from, and you might get confused in choosing a pair of boxing gloves that will work best for your kid. 

Fortunately, we have compiled a guide for only kids boxing gloves to help you choose the right pair for your kid. This guide may also help you if you are a workout enthusiast, as our focus in this guide will revolve around fitness, training, sparring, and hitting the speed bag.

Although it can be difficult to predict what kind of sport your kid will love and enjoy the most, we know you would want your kid to be a little Tyson. However, your kid might not enjoy boxing, which is okay; you don’t have to force them into it. Give them space to enjoy whichever part of sport appeals to them the most. 

If your kid enjoys boxing, you will need to look for high-quality boxing gloves that will provide comfort and protection in order to motivate your kid to play more. As we all know, you will get what you pay for: in this case, a pair of high-quality gloves may need you to dig deeper into your pockets. Notwithstanding, they are some other pocket-friendly boxing gloves of good quality and have all you may need in gloves. We insist on quality to not risk injury, which may make your kid dislike the sport. 

Another thing you should understand is, gloves require a regular replacement as they wear and tear quickly, especially if your kid is active in the sport. If your kid is quite interested in sport, you will need to get gloves that are crafted using high-quality material for a longer lifespan to save you some of the replacement costs. 

In our guide, we will focus on the following:

Is boxing safe for your kid?

Some parents worry that they may be getting their children at risk by enrolling them in a heavy contact sport such as boxing. If you are the kind of parent that views things that way, your children may not get to realise their full potential because such sports have more positives than you might think. Getting your kids involved in a physically challenging sport: boxing reflects how to fit your kids and how much skill they will have gained in fighting well when they grow up. Most prominent boxers started when they were young, and their parents mainly nurtured all this. You may see your children stick to the same sport as they approach adulthood or decide to switch to a different one. Everything boils down to tastes and preferences. 

With the advanced technology in computer gaming, which causes depression and other health risks, boxing will help create another area of interest for your kids. One of the most important points here you should take home is, helping your kids work out and keeping them active in sports help in keeping them healthier and fitter. Boxing has been credited to improve work ethic, confidence, motivation, and stress management.

What boxing gloves to shop

With so many options available, as a shopper, you may not be able to know what kind of gloves will be best for your kids. When it comes to online shopping, it is impossible to fit the gloves to determine whether they are comfortable before shopping, which can be challenging. All you need is to buy the overall best deal of gloves on high-quality. When you need to know if the gloves are what their manufacturers claim they are, read the reviews. In the review section, users give their honest experiences with the gloves. With all the information in the review section, you can easily determine the overall best gloves.

Gloves come in different colours and styles. When looking for boxing gloves, you should be able to differentiate between flashy and quality products. Understanding the difference between the two can be pretty challenging, especially if your child is a beginner. Shopping for children is not easy as they will always prefer sports gears that tend to look coolest with most colours. In most cases, flashy sports equipment is made using a very low-quality material.

What to look for in boxing gloves

There are several things to consider when selecting a pair of best boxing gloves. Not all glove manufacturers make the same kind of gloves. For this reason, there are several things to look for in boxing gloves. 

1. Glove Size

The glove size we recommend for children is the one that has a weight of between four to six ounces. The glove size for kids tends to be much smaller than that of adults. Adult gloves are bigger due to the intensity of training that is involved. Also, sparring gloves are bigger than children and youth gloves. 

Best gloves for your kids should have a comfortable and snug fit. Best gloves should allow their fingertips to reach the top of their gloves to enable them to make a fist comfortably. In addition to fitting, keep in mind that gloves have to fit their hand wraps too. 

2. Glove Material

We highly recommend leather gloves for adults. However, leather gloves are not a priority for kids as there are other quality aspects to look for. You can opt to either buy your kids Maya Hides leather or synthetic gloves. These materials are more breathable, providing a lot of comfort for your kids while using them.

You should get your child a pair of velcro strap gloves, allowing them to put on and off their gloves easily. With high-quality gloves, your kids’ velcro strap will not rip apart quickly, and for this reason, you should always get a quality pair of gloves. 

3. Padding 

There are two kinds of padding: foam and horsehair. Although horsehair is durable, it may not be suitable for protecting your children’s hands. Foam padding consists of latex and shock-absorbing PVC foam. Gloves with foam padding tend to provide more protection to your children’s hands. So, when purchasing gloves, consider the type of padding the gloves have.

4. Hand wrap

In addition to hand protection, you should consider buying hand wraps that you put on before wearing gloves. They provide extra protection to the hands by helping to distribute an after-punch shock impact.

Our best boxing gloves for kids

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Fighting/Bag Gloves (All Black, 10 oz)

Product description

Sanabul brand is renowned for its quality products that come with recommendations from athletes and boxers in general. The brand produces one of the best boxing gloves you would find. If you are looking for quality boxing gloves, you can not go wrong with Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves from such a respected manufacturer. The gloves are mostly ideal for junior boxers. They fit children well because of their small sizes and are excellent for children who want to get into sport and begin training. 

The gloves are quite appealing to younger boxers as they are available in different colours. They are made using strong, thick, and durable material, which means your children will feel comfortable with protection assurance of their hands, arms, and wrists. Gel-infused foam offers excellent softness and protection that helps prevent injuries to the hands of boxers while training. 

Sanabul gloves are designed to fit the natural curvature of your kid’s hands for a perfect fist closure whilst striking Secure Velcro Closure System. The material used to construct these gloves enhances breathability, which helps in keeping hands cool. This Sanabul product ensures maximum satisfaction as you can return it if you feel it’s not your product after buying it to receive a full refund. 

Main features

Sanabul boxing gloves ensure that their products have features that make them stand out in the market. Some of this product features are:

  • They offer your kids maximum protection. Because boxing involves a lot of physical contact using hands, these gloves are crafted using thick and robust material to offer any form of protection and make sure your kids’ hands are safe from any harm.
  • They offer a perfect fit. These gloves have a unique longitudinal arch design that offers an ideal fit in your hands. You will feel like you have been wearing them for quite some time when you wear them for the first time.
  • Sanabul design their gloves for hard use. They use engineered leather technology to create long-lasting gloves for your children. This means that gloves will be in your gym bag for quite some time.

Why we have chosen it

The Sanabul gloves are among the most selling boxing gloves for kids. We asked ourselves why, and we got all the answers which made us include these gloves on our best boxing gloves for kids. The product is crafted using high-end material: leather, which prevents gloves from wearing and tearing out easily, lasting for quite some time. No one would like to spend money on the same product now and then when a durable product exists.

The gloves are specifically designed to fit your kids’ hands well. They have a unique longitudinal design that allows easy fitting. With these gloves, you will not struggle using them when you purchase them, as they have a comfortable feel and fit.

Read reviews

If you need more information about this product, the product has gained a lot of feedback from its users. Although most of them are excellent, you will still get critical ones too. Reading reviews will help you determine if the material used to create it offers protection to young boxers’ hands or not. Also, you can decide if all the information we have here for you about the product is accurate or not.

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves, 6oz 4oz Junior Training Mitts, Maya Hide Leather Ventilated Palm, Muay Thai Sparring MMA Kickboxing, Punch Bag Speed Ball Focus Pads Punching Workout, Youth Games Fun

Product description

This product may be one of the most sought after kids boxing gloves. It is made from incredible quality cow leather, which is a traditional approach to making boxing gloves. The RDX manufacturing team works so hard to deliver exceptional boxing gloves that you would love. This product is an improvement from previous RDX gloves models for enhanced performance and design. The upgraded models offer protection to the young boxers as they punch with one of the most effective techniques.

The gloves are just as tough as your kids. They are crafted using resilient Maya-Hide leather, which improves their durability. Also, the Shell Shock Gel, which is exceptionally compact, offers an excellent impact resistance due to its high density. 

These gloves are equipped with QD-1 lining technology, which helps in sweat evaporation. Maya-Hide leather dries quickly, preventing sweat buildup, thus improving gloves lifespan. 

Main features

The main features of RDX Kids Boxing gloves are:

  • The material used to craft RDX gloves offers an incredible punching experience. 
  • Maya Hide Leather is tear, cracks, and splits resistant, meaning they protect your kids’ hands as long as they are using them.
  • The combination of foam padding keeps the impact away from the hands.
  • These gloves have perforated holes that provide optimal ventilation and heat regulation. The holes wick away the sweat keeping hands clean.
  • It has attached thumb support that keeps your kids and their opponent safe by aligning your thumb with your fist as you punch. This feature helps in building accuracy, rhythm speed and focus while still enjoying the punching experience.

Why we have chosen it

This is a product that you can not ignore as its features keep calling. When we were looking for the best gloves, our main focus was on glove quality, and this product proved to us that high-quality is its other name. Constructed using Maya Hide leather, the gloves are comfortable, long-lasting and provide all the protection you might require from gloves for your kids.

Another thing that attracted us to this product is the ventilation feature. Boxing involves a lot of physical contact, and your kids’ hands may sweat a lot; they can not keep on removing gloves to clean up a sweat every time.RDX gloves are well perforated, which helps in wicking away sweat keeping hands dry and clean.

Read reviews

Read all the reviews about this product, and you will agree with us that this is a high-quality product. Although the product might have worked for many of us, some feel a need for improvement. While reading reviews, you should appreciate each one review if you need to get all sides of this product.

If you are not sure about these gloves, reviews will offer you a more precise direction on whether you should buy them or not. 

JAYEFO Kids Boxing Gloves - Training MMA Boys & Girls Punching Bag Kickboxing & Muay Thai Gloves, Best Gift for Kids, Youth Games Fun | 6 oz Red

Product description

Jaye Kids Boxing Gloves has a unique cartoonish design that is perfect for kids. Kids are likely to choose gloves with such a design. Such gloves appeal the most to kids because they tend to think they are cool. They are perfect for kids aged between two to eleven years.

They are constructed using authentic leather that makes them durable. Also, the leather material offers maximum protection to your kids’ hands because it doesn’t wear or tear easily. For shock absorption, the gloves are created with two foam layers. This means that your kid will not feel any impact even after making a strong punch.

Main features

The following are features are what this product offers for your young boxers:

  • They have breathable palm holes to prevent sweat buildups which could create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
  • The gloves have thumb locks that prevent thumb injuries.
  • They are made with an attractive cartoonish design that appeals to children.
  • They are lightweight.
  • The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty for this product, meaning they have a lot of confidence in what they make.
  • Your kids can use the gloves for other sports rather than only boxing. Such sports include karate, kickboxing, self-defence, and Krav maga training. 
  • They offer protection to your kid’s wrists.

Why we have chosen it

When sampling out the best boxing gloves for kids, other than the quality, we also considered whether they appeal to kids or not. Despite most attractive products having low-quality materials, this product is made with exceptional leather. It appeals mostly to kids because it appears cool.

Other reasons why we included this product in our list include the flexibility of the gloves, its ability to offer protection, the five years warranty, and breathability. In addition, the gloves are lightweight, which is ideal for children as they are already not strong to handle heavier gloves.

Read reviews

If you want to know if this product is the right one for your kids, read reviews and learn what other parents who have already bought them say about it. You will have all the questions you have about the product answered. You will determine whether it is the right boxing gloves for your kids or not from the answers.

ToyVelt Punching Bag for Kids Boxing Set Includes Kids Boxing Gloves and Punching Bag, Standing Base with Adjustable Stand Hand Pump - Top Gifting Idea for Boys and Girls Ages 3-8 Years Old

Product description

This sports boxing set helps keep your kids safe while allowing them to steam off, boost their hand-eye coordination, build confidence and strengthen their muscles. With this set, you will help keep your kids healthy, fit, and active outdoors, indoors, in the playground, in their rooms, or in the garden.

All your young boxers require is in a single box. The box has a weighted stand with an elastic spring and can be adjusted to suit your kids’ needs. Also, it has a punching ball that is easy to inflate. In addition, inside the box are sturdy gloves, which are tear and wear-resistant in the hands of your little ones. 

You can travel with this box anywhere. It is travel-friendly because of its simplicity in handling. All you need is to deflate the punching bag and place it in the box, and you can inflate it the time your kids need it. If you and your family are on the beach, you can fill the freestanding moulding base with sand or water, which makes it stable, providing your kids with an enjoyable active play on the beach.

Main features

The main selling points and features of this product are:

  • Best for kids aged between three to six years.
  • The box has everything you would need for young boxers, right from punching balls, gloves and stand.
  • The material used to craft the gloves offer 100% satisfaction as it fully provides your kids with the protection you would require from boxing gloves.
  • The box is travel friendly, and you can go anywhere with it when accompanied by your kids to keep them active throughout.

Why we have chosen it

This product impressed us in many ways. Kids easily create habits, and they may get depressed when something they are used to is not supplied to them. Boxing can make some kids so interested in the game, and they may spend most of the time punching the balls. Sometimes you may want to travel with all your kids’ gaming equipment. This product will make your work easier as you can place everything your kids require for boxing in one box. 

Most boxing products come separately, whereby you will need to buy each boxing equipment separately. With this set, everything your kids require for boxing comes as a single package. Making a single order is the same as a shopper who moves from one retailer to another looking for the best boxing equipment. This set saves you all this energy.

Read reviews

To make a better decision, we recommend you to read the customer’s reviews. Here, you will get information that we might have missed out on about the product. This product has great reviews, which are proof that the product has satisfied many. However, there are some critical reviews about the product, but they can not overshadow its goodness. 

Everlast Laceless Gloves (Red, Small)

Product description

Everlast brand has been in the market for over a century manufacturing high-quality gloves. It is well known for its traditional gloves that have been tried and tested for many years, and that is why it has been in existence for that long. Many users have high confidence in these gloves, and some have been passing the good news about these gloves from one generation to another. The product is one of the most sought after gloves.

The gloves are durable, and this justifies the price you pay to get them. They are ideal for kids, teenagers, and adults. They have double stitching, which makes them withstand tough training sessions. The padding can endure too much because of the high-quality material of the gloves. The manufacturer uses a very strong rope for securing the gloves more, and once you buy these gloves for your kids, you won’t find yourself replacing them any time soon.

Prices are dependent on the size and quality of gloves. This product is a bit costly, attributed to the cost of making them given it has a traditional design. More specialist machinery and processes are needed to manufacture these types of gloves. 

Main features 

The following is what makes this product stand out in the market:

  • It is a classic product, meaning it has been tried and tested for many years. 
  • Your children get to learn the traditional boxing forms and techniques. 
  • The material used to make them is durable, and you will not need to replace them now and then. The construction and stitching design also make the gloves last long.
  • The gloves have a simple elastic closer.

Why we have chosen it

We all love the traditional feel of anything. People tend to prefer traditional products over the products that have emerged recently. Products from a classic brand most of the time tend to be authentic and original. When we came across these gloves, we could not resist including them on our list because we knew many people would love to see their kids use them. 

They are crafted using high-quality leather that makes the gloves durable. Once you buy these gloves for your kids, you will not need to replace them. Most kids outgrow these gloves. This means they are pocket friendly.

Read reviews

As expected, you will find a lot of great reviews about this product. Most conservative customers enjoy their kids using the same type of gloves they used back then when they were kids. When you read the reviews, you will get to know much about the product and why you should or should not get the product for your kids.

Since getting the right pair of gloves for your young boxer is challenging, we have tried our level best to make work easier for you. With our list of best boxing gloves for kids, we believe you won’t struggle to find the right product for your kids. We have provided you with several options that differ in appearance, design, and material. We encourage you to read reviews before making any purchase.

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