What Football Boots Does Marcus Rashford Wear?

Football has taken shape over the years. Wearing an appropriate kit while playing the sport decreases your likelihood of getting hurt, allowing you to concentrate on the play rather than worrying about potential mishaps. Also, using the proper equipment isn’t limited to hard sports.

With Nike’s latest Manchester United kit, you’ll be ready for match day, whether you’re on the pitch, on the seats, in front, or behind the screen. While the original dark red colourway is retained, the United crest is proudly displayed on the shoe’s chest.

Take the initiative and create your imprint, just like Marcus Rashford from Manchester United has. You don’t win an MBE for doing anything, and one of England’s finest talented youngsters and human beings proves it daily.

When you put on his Nike Superfly shoes, just know that you’re always doing the right thing. Marcus Rashford is a Manchester City forward who plays in the Premier League. In 2021, Marcus Rashford is set to play in Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite viii soccer cleats.

Nike has always aimed and prided itself in always building a brand emphasizing artistry, craft, quality, and sustainability. Nike shoes are appreciated by discerning individuals around the globe, as they capture a spirit without ever prescribing to a specific aesthetic. From the classic designs to reimagined models, the shoes are adored by people everywhere.

Marcus Rashford Wear:

Marcus Rashford is from Manchester Utd, a team that plays in the Premier League. Marcus was born on October 31st, 1997. He is an English professional footballer and has won many hearts with his tremendous performance on the field. Marcus has always had an attachment and passion for football since an early age, which is why he started playing soccer at the age of five. He spent a week training with Manchester United before joining the academy system at the age of seven. Marcus has always credited his brother for helping him join the team.

A quick forward, Marcus Rashford came into Manchester United’s youth system. On the fields, he is titled a dangerous 1st scorer. He currently plays in the Nike Superfly, which boasts a thin profile, a close-fitting responsive Aerotrak soleplate, and a fly knit upper, all ideal for a quick player.

Nike unisex Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG:

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG Cleat builds on the footplate innovation of the 6 but has added an elastic inter panel that delivers grip on organic and inorganic garden surfaces. A dynamic inter plate with a Nike Aerotrak zone in the forefoot delivers grip on the field. The design, colour, and material intrigues athletes to purchase these pairs of shoes. Another outstanding feature includes a soft cushioned sock liner which helps with friction. For improved protection, the heel panel has a wider plate gap, allowing the shoe to be used on synthetic or brief surfaces.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG has specialized elements that allow you to perform at your best from beginning to end. Faster cutting at an incredible pace is made possible by a unique layer of thick fabric that responds instantly. This one-of-a-kind model incorporates the most important aspects of pace to give you an excellent feel and grip. With each stride, Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG’s give a multidimensional grip.

Features of Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG:


Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG provides you skin tight-fitting that is super-comfortable. Through the Dynamic Fit Collar, you will feel like you have stepped on another layer of skin the minute you slip onto the shoes. It has a tongue-less design lacing system that allows the wearer to customize the shoe’s fit.


Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG implements a soft synthetic material from heel to toe which will help any player run at a faster pace.

These shoes are textured to fulfil every shoe lover’s craving.


Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG comes in many different classic colours, making this footwear even harder to resist. Some colours include Laser Crimson Black/ Black, Blue Fury/ Cool Grey/Metallic Cool Grey, Blue Hero/Obsidian/White.


If we talk about the price range of Nike Unisex Superfly 7 Academy MG on Amazon, it varies from £72.81- £108.20. The quality of the shoes for this price should leave anyone in awe.

Sizes Available:

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG is available in various sizes. From kids 5.5 UK up to an adults 12 UK.

Why choose these shoes?

Comfort and cost:

Before opting for any of Nike’s range, one must comprehend what exactly Nike has promised to serve its customers. The costs of Nike shoes depend on the product line. Someone who has better recognition of good quality shoes will realize that investing in Nike’s shoes is investing in comfort.

Assurity to customers:

Nike is known for providing good-quality shoes to its customers. Their customers’ happiness is their top priority, so they take their time creating shoes that satisfy their shoppers.


No one can gainsay that a pair of good quality shoes boosts our confidence, which matters the most to an athlete. Especially when we talk about Nike’s shoes, it would be fair to say that the wearer feels classy when pairing them with any outfit; for athletes, it helps to perform better on the field.

To Conclude:

To step up your footwear game, you might need to look up the range of Nike’s shoes. A good pair of Nike’s can provide you with a comfortable, classy, and stylish look, especially since they come in a wide variety of colours, designs, and sizes.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MG is available in various sizes, so you can love the final summer pitch, whether you’re looking for speed, touch, or control.

One can elevate style and footwear by opting for the shoes mentioned above. Nike is dedicated to making shoes that assist athletes in running quicker.

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