Best Golf Clubs For High Handicappers

Over the last 20 years, golf technology has grown massively. The perfect golf club sets and especially clubs for higher handicap players provide a lot of assistance in helping you shoot lower scores and improve your game. 

In most cases, the perfect golf clubs for high handicappers are quite forgiving, meaning mis-hits are not intensely punished. So, it does not matter the club you are hitting; there are many error margins, something high handicappers need as their striking pattern is mostly inconsistent. 

With the fairways and drivers, slice-correcting technology is mostly at the designs of the clubs, which helps high handicappers who suffer from a left-to-right shot shape. Considering all of this, we have explored some of the best golf clubs for high handicappers to help them take their game to the next level. 

Golf tends to frustrate players and excite them at the same time. A single round of golf is equivalent to an emotional rollercoaster. As a player, you will have some repulsive shots that would make you want to throw your driver into the woods. Sometimes you may end up questioning your existence caused by frustrations. However, you will have a fair number of average shots, which are not good enough, but they will offer you some sanity and confidence to come back for another round. 

Even if you can hardly break 100 on 18 holes, playing golf with a friend with some beverages is a good recipe for enjoyment. To get the most out of your time on the golf course, you will require a set of golf clubs with wedges, woods, and irons to match your experience level and style of play. 

In this guide, you will get some of the best golf clubs to help you improve your game. We have complete sets that are ready to play upon unpacking them with wedges, irons, woods, bags, and a putter. If you are a high handicapper, follow-through, you will get a golf club you have been looking for. 

What to look for in golf clubs 

1. Cost

For beginners, the first set of clubs should not cost you much. However, for experienced players, more expensive sets of golf clubs help in sharpening games. Players with more experience can identify different nuances in a game. When you are evaluating the price, always check what is included in the set. Take clubs with all you need to improve your game. 

2. Adjustable or Standard

Adjustable clubs with built-in settings allow you to move the weight of your club up or down. This feature helps in increasing or reducing the spin of the ball and its time in the air. This adjustability is ideal for beginners as they can maintain the same clubs as their games improve.

3. Added tech

Over the years, golf clubs engineering has immensely improved. It is common to see club brands using remarkable technologies that help enhance skills where they might not have been fully developed. Some clubs improve the spin to make the ball fly, while some clever ones zoom in on distance and accuracy.

Golf Club Essentials

Whether you are a professional golfer or new to this sport, you should think of the following when you are choosing the ideal golf clubs:

1. Take your time

There are many golf clubs available on the market, and if you do not take your time when choosing one, you might get confused. Even if you are an experienced golf expert, you need to be careful. Depending on your budget and ability, purchasing golf clubs is a major investment, so it is important to research to make better decisions.

2. Ignore the name

If you are a golf enthusiast, you must have watched European Tour events. You may think buying the model or brand that your favourite golfer uses will help you do well on the course, but this is not always the case. What can help you is the clubs’ insights. However, you should be flexible to try other brands as well. As the advancement of golf clubs escalates, engineers are now targeting different categories of players when designing different models.

Focus on golf clubs that cater for your body type, gender, ability and physical needs, not the name. What will count is your scores, not the brand of the golf club you are using.

3. Grip thickness

The grip thickness can have an immense effect on the swing. A too-thin grip may make golfers have large hand actions going to the swing. On the other hand, too thick a grip restricts your hands, and impact can be devastating.

What does the right grip look like?

A perfect grip should allow you to hold the golf club using your left hand’s ring and middle finger with the thumb slightly touching the pad. In case your finger does not touch the thumb, it is an indication that the grip is extra big for you.

4. The Shaft

Appropriate shaft length is a critical consideration when you are planning to buy golf clubs. What to look out for here is your height, physical strength, and body type. Typically, taller players will need a longer shaft to play at their very best. Also, you ought to take shaft flex and its suitability towards your swing into consideration. 

A too stiff shaft will reduce the ball’s flight and loss of distance, while a too soft shaft can result in ballooning and distance loss. To know whether the shaft flex is perfect for you, note, too stiff shafts always make you slice your ball to the right while too soft shafts make the ball fly towards the left.

5. Loft

The loft refers to the angle created by a line that runs down the centre of the face and shaft of the club. Calibrated in degrees, a club with a pretty low loft, like three iron sits at 21-23 degrees, moves the ball further than a golf club with a higher loft. On the other hand, a club that has a higher loft, let say of nine iron that sits at 45-48 degrees, results in your ball rising into the air and descending at a steeper angle.

Visually, the face of the club with many degrees appears to be more horizontally angled than a club with fewer degrees. 

6. The clubhead

Having various club heads can be helpful if you want to make the most out of your golf club. Most brands have midsize, standard, and oversized clubheads and your choice largely depends on the level of your golf experience. Basically, the larger the head of a club, the more forgiving swing it offers. However, you can still get great results even after making a poor hit with an oversized head. They are typically heavy and difficult to control, and they are mainly appropriate for lower handicappers. 

Golf clubs for beginners

When starting this sport, you might get caught up in some kind of euphoria of buying the best golf materials, but you need to be careful. You will get the best golf clubs when you buy them slowly, considering carefully the factors listed above, especially if you are a beginner. Experienced people know all the basic golf clubs and it might not be difficult for them to choose the right one. 

For beginners, we recommend you borrow a set of golf clubs or go for second-hand sets. Once you start getting familiar with the game, you will be in a position to know whether you want to continue with the sport and purchase your first golf clubs.

As we have mentioned above, the name of the golf clubs is not important, and especially for beginners, neither is it suitable for them. You should buy a beginner set for your first clubs that consists of a driver, three-wood, a putter, and odd-numbered irons? (3, 5, 7,9)

Away from the basics of golf clubs: men’s and women’s clubs or left or right-handed clubs, you can opt between graphite and steel shaft clubs. Steel shafts are less expensive and durable, thus suitable for beginners. 

Golf clubs for intermediate & experienced golfers

For golfers with more experience, you might want golf clubs designed according to your ability and physical characteristics. Over the years, intermediate players gradually develop their set as they improve their game. 

The latest models and top brand names will be suitable for experienced players. This won’t be a risky investment as such players know the kind of golf clubs that make them play better, and top brands cater well for their needs. Because they understand their strengths and weaknesses, custom fitting can also be an excellent choice for them. Designing the club’s shaft, loft,  flex, and clubhead to your specifications is a significant and worthwhile investment if you are looking forward to becoming a successful golfer.

Type of golf clubs

The following are different items you will find in different sets of golf clubs:

1. Driver

The driver is used off the tee, majorly on long holes. Its purpose is for hitting the ball further. The driver is measured by volume, and the biggest one that is allowed is 460cc. Most of these drivers are made from titanium or carbon or a compound of the two. Carbon and titanium are lighter compared to steel, allowing engineers to increase the head size. 

In case you are using a used driver or one manufactured before 2008, confirm whether they are still legal for competitions. The utmost legal Restriction Coefficient is currently 0.83, meaning a clubface of 100 mph gives an 83 mph rebound. When a rebound speed is higher than 83 mph, the driver is termed illegal.

Driver models

Besides standard models, golfers have other options such as Offset, Neutral, and draw. These options assist in fixing golfers while slicing the ball by placing much weight inside the golf club’s head to keep the ball more closed at impact.

Driver shape

When choosing the right driver, you should consider the shape of its head. Square-shaped drivers help golfers align tee shots, hence visualising the shot line easier than using shaped drivers.

Driver loft

Mostly, the drivers’ loft ranges between eight to 13 degrees. When you are selecting a loft, consider the speed of your swing. If the speed of your swing is fast, golf clubs with a loft of eight to nine degrees will be great for you if you want to hit further. 

Average players should look for other alternatives ( lofts between nine to 11 degrees) as these clubs will make them achieve less distance. Slower swings will be suitable for juniors, ladies, and seniors, a club that has a loft of between 12 to 13 degrees helps the ball airborne easily. 

2. Woods

When you are looking for the best wood to buy, your first consideration ought to be the purpose of your wood. You may want to use it to replace long irons, hit off the tee, or reach par 5s in two on holiday. Whatever the reason, the purpose of buying it should guide you.

Which wood?

When determining which club number to buy, the following should guide you:

  • When the number is high, the loft is also high.
  • The higher the number, the shorter the shaft length.

Wood shafts

Players have a choice between steel and graphite shafts. Graphite woods are more popular and help you hit the ball further. Steel woods offers you a lower and relatively accurate ball flight.

Wood head design

Just like drivers, manufacturers provide Neutral, Offset, and Draw designs of the head on woods. While correcting any side-spin on your ball, there is weight placed inside the club’s head to keep it square at impact. 

Wood head material

You can choose the head material from the following options:

  • Steel: It is less expensive and lasts long. This is the most popular material.
  • Titanium: It does hit well from the tee. This material is half the steel’s weight, and it helps get your ball airborne faster. 
  • Composite: It is a compound of carbon with titanium or steel. This material is excellent for off-centre hits and fixing twisting. 

3. Irons

Iron is numbered the same way as woods, with the lowest loft having about 20 degrees. Three irons achieve long and low hits within 200 yards. In comparison, a Pitching Wedge with a loft of 50 degrees or a Sand Wedge with a loft of 56 degrees offers a higher flight but a shorter distance of about 100 yards. Irons such as the seven-iron sit between 12-15 yards between each golf club. The shorter the club number, the shorter the ball flight, and the further it will move, but the more difficult it is to control.

Which weight?

Just like drivers and wood, irons provide different versions depending on players requirements. The following will help you choose the one with the right weight:

  • Perimeter-weighted Irons: They have more weight around the head. These irons are easier to hit, and they tend to help the ball airborne more easily.
  • Offset & draw weighted Irons: They are tailored for keeping your hands in front of the ball. They mainly help players to counteract slicing. 

Casting or Forging?

When purchasing new irons, buyers choose between shafts that have undergone casting or forging manufacturing processes. Cast irons are mainly aimed at high handicappers. Most irons are created through casting, allowing manufacturers to design them innovatively. They are designed using soft metals such as graphite, and they give you a better feel when using them.

Iron Shafts

  • Steel shafts: They form the most popular option available and are less expensive, long-lasting, give a consistent torque and flex in all irons.
  • Graphite Shafts: They are lighter than steel shafts, and they absorb vibration, although they give little feedback on impact.

4. Wedge

Wedge is essential for a good score. When you get the right wedge, your game can change drastically for the better.

Wedge Loft

  • Pitching Wedge (PW): It features a loft of 46 to 50 degrees. It is suitable for shots of about 120 yards. 
  • Gap or Approach Wedge (AW) or (GW): It has a larger loft than a Pitching wedge. The AW has a loft of 50 to 55 degrees.
  • Lob Wedge (LW): they have a loft of 60 to 64 degrees, and they are perfect for higher flights from shorter distances.

Bounce Angle

This is the curved section on the wedge sole that prevents the golf club from snagging in rough grounds or sand. The bounce is the space between the leading edge and the ground when placed in the address position. Usually, most golfers prefer a bounce of between ten to 14 degrees. 


  • High Bounce Wedges: They give the biggest bounce. They are best for playing on turf or sandy ground and are perfect for steep-attack-angle golfers.
  • Low Bounce Wedges: They are suitable for shots from firm turf and tight lies; these wedges are best for golfers with shallow angles of attack through impact.
  • Standard Bounce Wedges: This is an excellent all-around wedge that is versatile and a perfect choice if you prefer a squared or open face. 

5. Putter

One of the essential clubs’ sets in your bag, but it is one that is most neglected. The putter can help transform your game to greater heights. The following are four things to consider when deciding the putter to buy:

Putter design

They are three common types of putter:

  • Blade: This type of putter is not very forgiving, especially when hit from the middle of the surface.
  • Half-Mallet: It is the same as a blade, but it tends to be easier to hit.
  • Mallet: This one is heavier than other options. It provides different designs that assist you in aligning your ball up accurately.

Putter Length

The most common length of a putter is 35 inches, but any length between 33 to 35 is used.

6. Hybrid

Hybrid golf clubs are gradually replacing conventional long irons. Hybrid clubs are not a necessity in golfing, but they tend to be more helpful. These clubs feature a deeper face to back compared to a normal iron. Their centre of gravity is placed further back to make your ball airborne easily. Hybrid clubs are also excellent from the rough with soft edges that hardly drag through a course with thick grass.

Our best golf clubs for high handicappers

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men - 52 56 60 Degree Golf Wedges + Milled Face for More Spin - Great Golf Gift

Product description

There are threes choices on this listing:

  • Three wedge sets ( 52, 56 and 60 degrees)
  • Three wedges plus iron set: ( wedges: 52, 56 and 60 degrees plus 4, 5,6,7, 8, 9 Irons)
  • Single wedges.

Your choice will largely depend on your requirements. The Lazarus golf wedges set is one of the best golf wedges on the market. It is made in a similar place as some of the golf clubs classified as the best in the world. Forged golf wedges are a choice for many top golfers worldwide. It has premium features but you will still get it at a favourable price: 80% lower than big brands you may know. You will get the same feel from the Lazarus golf wedges set, just like you would get from high-market golf clubs.

The Lazarus golf wedges set is here to offer you a great quality club wedge at a great price. It has disrupted the golf industry to give you the best. It is a right-handed club with a 52-degree loft, forged and with a milled face. It is equipped with all you would love to perform well. For great spin, consistency and control, it is designed with a micro-milled face. This design makes it suitable for use on fairways, roughs and fringe.

Product specifications

  • Golf Wedge Set: 52, 56, 60 Degree
  • Length: 35 1/4 
  • Head: Forged
  • Bounce: 8, 12, 10 
  • Shaft: Stepped Steel 
  • Side; Right Handed
  • Face: Micro Milled 

Main features

Below are the main features of this golf club set:

  • It has a micro-milled face for enhanced spinning, consistency, and control.
  • It is ideal for use on different surfaces such a rough, fairway, or fringe.
  • It is less expensive with similar features to high-end golf clubs.
  • The quality of this product is unmatched. It is a premium golf club and is created for regular golfers like you.

Why we have chosen it

This set is one of its kind designed to offer you all you need to improve your game. It is a premium product which means it has all qualities that you would get from golf clubs used by your favourite golf star. Its head is forged for better playing. If you want a wedge that is easier to control and offers excellent spin and consistency, this is the set for you. With these qualities, you will avoid a lot of frustrations that are associated with gifting. 

Imagine getting premium clubs without a crazy price tag. This set gives you the feeling that golfing does not have to be expensive after all. It has some qualities or features you would find in clubs with big names. Lazarus golf wedge sets are made in the same place as high-market clubs. If you are not able to buy clubs from big names, this set will help you get the same experience.

Read reviews

When you are choosing perfect golf clubs, sometimes it can get confusing. To know whether the golf you are interested in is correct and is the one you are looking for, reading reviews will help you. The manufacturer of Lazarus golf wedges has given product specifications that are quite promising. To know if they do what the manufacturer says. Read reviews and get different experiences from golf experts and other regular players.

Wilson Men's Stretch Golf Club 10-Club Set with Stand Bag

Product description

This product offers you a complete set of ten golf clubs that are left-handed with a stand bag. They are ideal for casual players and beginners. Their height is around 167- 186 cm. The wood is made from steel and titanium. The irons are 17 to 4 stainless steel. 

Wilson stand bag consists of the following compartments:

  • Upper grip and Collapsible stand
  • Ring for hanging golf towel
  • Shoulder strap and gloves
  • Holders for tees and umbrella
  • Pouch for beverages and golf balls

These Wilson Stretch XL golf clubs have a driver with a 10.5-degree loft for straight, long shots right from the tee, three wood for fairway shots, five hybrids for difficult shots, which replaces five irons: 6. 7, 8, and 9,  for enhanced ball control and approach shots. The sand wedge and pitching wedge is also included in the set for precise shots and approaches from the bunker. The heel-toe putter is weighted for controlled straight putts, extra distance and improved speed of the clubhead.

Product specifications and content

  • 1x Wilson Stretch XL Stand Bag
  • Ten golf clubs
  • Driver, three wood, five hybrid, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge 
  • Putter
  •  weight: 4.99 kg
  • Dimensions: 109 x 23 x 23 cm (L x W x H)
  • Colour:  Black/Grey/red

Main features

Below are the main selling points of Wilson Men’s Stretch Golf Club 10-Club Set:

  • It is a complete golf club set with a stand bag.
  • It is ideal for casual players and beginners and it has everything you need to start playing.
  • It comes with five compartments for clubs, pockets for keeping tees, beverages, and balls.
  • It is convenient and comfortable. It is lightweight and weighs 1.9 kg. The stand bag has two shoulder straps, making it easy to carry. 
  • It is consistent and easy to control hence suitable for newbies and casual players.

Why we have chosen it

This set has all you need to start playing golf, whether you are an experienced golfer or just starting the game. The set comes in a stand bag that features different compartments for comfort and convenience. It even has a pouch for keeping your favourite beverages for drinking as you make your shots. When we say it has everything you require for playing, we mean ten golf clubs: three wood, driver, five hybrid, sand wedge, pitching wedge, 6-9 irons, and putter. There can never be a complete set than this.

This men’s set is lightweight, weighing only 1.9 kgs, making it effortless to lift and move around with. For more convenience, the stand bag has dual straps for comfortable carrying. This product is available in different models, hence allowing you to choose the right model for you: standard left hand, standard right hand, graphite, extended length, and extended length graphite. Different versions make it suitable for different golfers.

Another major reason we decided to include this product on our list of best golf clubs for high handicappers is its reputation. Wilson brand has been at the heart of sports and bringing change by shaping different games such as baseball, tennis and golf. Through its innovative technology, it has managed to produce high-quality sports items for different sports it focuses on. Its reputation gives its buyers confidence; that is why you will see most sportspeople using Wilson equipment as they have been tried, tested, and proved to offer great services.

Read reviews

If you want more information about this set, you can read what verified buyers on amazon say about it. The good thing with reviews, they are independent and honest feedback from different golfers; hence you will get different sides of this product as it can not work the same for everyone. In addition, some users are very good at scrutinising the drawbacks and shortcomings of every item in this set. This way, you will be able to weigh out the pros and cons and decide whether to buy this product or consider other options.

Woodworm Zoom V2 Junior Golf Clubs and Bag Package Right Hand Sets

Product description

This set helps in meeting the needs of younger golfers. This set has accurate lengths suitable for junior players. Woodworm considered everything before releasing this set to make it appropriate for junior players. They have made these clubs look the same as those used by adults. This is generally good as it does not only help young players to get the most out of the game but also help them develop skills that they would use all along.

Woodworm has done extensive research to develop a set with altered loft, length, weight, and grip size to maximise players’ potential with a slower swing. Its loft is 18 degrees which facilitates easy hitting, and a Hybrid Rescue Wood with 24 degrees. It has seven iron and nine iron with a bigger sweet spot for improved feel and control. Also, it is equipped with coordinates headcovers for both hybrid and Wood. 

The set comes with a stand bag with a stylish design entirely crafted at Woodworm with its distinctive logo. The stand bag has a padded double shoulder, four-way driver top, rain hood, and velcro glove tab, with pop-out stand action. 

Main features

The following are the main selling areas of the Woodwarm set:

  • All shafts are made from graphite which makes them lightweight and easier to play with. Graphite is soft and comfortable, thus giving young players a nice feel.
  • The package comes with an 18-degree loft, making it easier to hit, and Hybrid Rescue wood which is 24 degrees. Hybrid wood is very effective for any player willing to improve the game.
  • The seven iron and nine iron have bigger sweet spots for better control and feel.
  • The set comes packed with a stand bag with a unique design with various features for making your golfing moments on the course worthwhile.
  • The set has coordinate headcovers for hybrid and wood.

Why we have chosen it

This is a very exceptional golf club that helps young players improve their golfing skills. To be a professional golfer, you will need to practice with errors, successes, and frustrations many times. If your child has posed some interest in golfing, you should get golf equipment that will help your child attain great skills that they will apply all through to adulthood.  Woodworm Zoom V2 Junior Golf Clubs and Bag Package Right-Hand Sets will do an excellent job for high handicappers.

Its design has similar features to ones you would find in golf clubs designed for adults. This helps them get skills that will be applied even when they become adults. All shafts are graphite made, ideal for juniors or beginners as they can easily lift them with a great feel and comfort. For enhanced control and feel, the seven and nine irons have bigger sweet spots. A bigger sweet spot means it will be difficult for a player to miss the shot because of an improved surface area.

The stand bag of this set is something that greatly impressed us. It has all features that make it easier for carrying all your golfing necessities. Imagine it even has a rain hood that protects you from the rain if there is a sudden downpour at the course. We recommend this set of golf clubs.

Read reviews

Reviews consist of honest feedback and opinions from experts, professionals and regular players about the performance of different sets of golf clubs. This set also has some feedback from buyers who have had an opportunity to play with it. Reading reviews can give you a whole new view of any product from which the manufacturer has offered you.

Most reviewers commend this set for its effectiveness in helping their children improve their game. However, we understand that people can not feel the same about this set’s performance, and that is why we have dissenting opinions. Each review will help you see different sides of these sets and by the time you are done reading them, you would have known whether to buy this set or not.

Confidence Power III Hybrid Men Right Handed Golf Clubs Set + Bag

Product description

This is the largest legal driver head allowed. It offers you a larger sweet spot, and it tends to be more forgiving than other heads. It also comes with a headcover. With a 24-degree hybrid rescue wood, this club combines the accuracy and control of an iron with the ease of hitting a fairway. It is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for hitting out of the slight rough or long approach shots. 

The irons are created with a cavity back design, making them easier for hitting in order for you to leave them close to the flag. All clubs in this set are fitted with all-weather grips and steel shafts. The set comes with an upgraded five driver stand bag which has auto pop legs with a lot of external storage, dual padded carrying straps and a rain cover. This stand golf stand bag helps you keep all your golfing essentials in one place and you can easily remove any of them with ease when you need them. 

Main features

Below are the key components that come with this set:

  • The 460 cc alloy driver with 10 degrees is more forgiving, and it includes a headcover. 
  • The 24-degree hybrid iron is a replacement for longer irons which are more challenging to hit.
  • The set has all-weather grips, meaning they are not affected by changing weather conditions.
  • The 35 inches blade putter is fitted with a steel shaft which is more solid and long-lasting.
  • The clubs are right-handed, which makes them suitable for most players.
  • The set comes with an upgraded stand bag with plenty of external storage for keeping your golfing necessities.

Why we have chosen it

First, Confidence Golf has been in existence for over 40 years. Since then, it continues to produce high-quality and innovative golf equipment which are largely targeted for use by beginners or players who are on their journey to improving their golfing skills. 

This set integrates the latest designs to make it easier for golfers. The clubs are designed with oversized wood for a larger sweet spot for better control and more confidence. Also, a versatile hybrid rescue golf club will help you avoid a lot of troubles. The cavity back designs of irons provide more forgiveness. You do not need any other golf clubs better than these to start playing.  

All shafts and grips are made from steel which is a relatively popular metal. Steel tends to be more robust and durable, meaning you will get the most out of your clubs. The grips are all-weather, and they can withstand different weather conditions, which might prevail on play day. Most players are right-handed, and we believe that these clubs will suit the majority of players. We realised that these clubs could be perfect for players who are struggling with other golf clubs.

The golf stand bag has some of the most upgraded features, which you would hardly find in other sets. It has padded dual shoulder straps, a rain cover and plenty of internal storage. Imagine having a bag with an auto-pop-leg stand bag that helps you keep all you need when you are playing. You do not need any other golf club products with a better stand up bag than this one. 

Also, the rain cover and all-weather grips mean that the manufacturer had considered weather when he was designing these clubs. Moreover, Confidence Gold equipment have been tried, tested and proved to offer the best services in helping golfers improve their skills.

Read reviews

This product has many great reviews, which is an indication that most golfers are pleased with what it offers in helping them improve their game. Like the way we have reviewed, it has helped beginners and players looking forward to improving their skills. On the contrary, some users think that this set is not an ideal one. They have their reasons for saying that, and it’s up to you to read both positive and negative reviews and decide whether to take this set or not.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Individual Iron

Product description

Mavrik is applying artificial intelligence in iron for the first time. The 360 Face Cup enhance the speed of the ball further through flexing and releasing at impact. Mavrik has designed a sophisticated face that is relatively unique to each loft, creating a significant enhancement in ball speed and improved spin robustness off of each iron. 

Each iron has custom tungsten-infused weights for easy location of CG position in every iron with great precision whilst maintaining ball speed in the Flash Face Cup. This is how Mevrik is able to offer optimum launch and flight of the ball through the set.

Your exact distance with Max Irons depends on your regular shot, shaft, trajectory, swing speed and other factors. If you struggle to get the ball in the air, Max iron will help you see better results. The forgiveness of this iron is good, which is facilitated by its Flash Face architecture. You can argue that forgiveness of this model is slightly improved than Mavrik Standard. The body of the iron is larger, which makes it easier to hit more solid shots.

For beginners, Maverik body touch is larger compared to Standard. What is quite noticeable is the amount of offset, which helps some players square the face at impact. Maverik Max Irons fly higher with more spin than Standard irons. Max irons are quite playable and go through the turf easily; thus they are very dependable irons. 

Main features

Below are the key elements of this product:

  • It has a slightly higher spin rate and launch.
  • Its larger body helps in boosting confidence for high handicappers.
  • The face architecture is a unique, complex design for every loft.
  • The use of artificial intelligence in irons helps in improving the game. 
  • The patented urethane microsphere comprehensively helps absorb unwanted vibration for a pure feel whilst maximising COR for enhanced ball speed. 

Why we have chosen it

We have included this product on our list of the best golf clubs for high handicappers because of its size, Mervik technologies, and simplicity. It is the first model of Maverik irons to feature artificial intelligence. This technology has helped many people willing to improve their games. From reviews, it is enough indication that people are pleased with what this product offers. 

In case you want to boost your golf confidence, you should try Maverik Max. The moment you start playing with these clubs, you will see some significant improvement. You will start hitting the ball further with more consistency. Frustrations will drop, and you would not wait to go back to the course to play with your friends. These clubs are indeed game-changers. With these clubs, you can easily hit straight. They have a fantastic feel facilitated by patented urethane microsphere technology which helps in absorbing unwanted vibration. For more beginners’ confidence, these irons are large. We highly recommend these clubs for high handicappers.

Read reviews

In case you want more insights about this product, read reviews. People have left feedback about their experience with these golf clubs on various platforms. These reviews will help you understand whether this product does what the manufacturer says it does or not. On amazon UK, you have the privilege to get different opinions from verified buyers.  

Across different platforms, this product has great reviews. However, you will also find negative reviews where buyers outline reasons and areas that need improvement. This way, you will get different sides of this Maverik Max for better decision making.

With our top picks of the best golf clubs for high handicappers, we believe we have come through in your struggles of getting the right golf club. There are different options for you, and depending on your needs and requirements, you will know which set of golf clubs is perfect for you. 

In case you are not sure of the set to buy, you can consult a professional or someone who has been playing golf for some time. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you are allowed to make some mistakes but with this guide, we believe we have helped you avoid mistakes that beginners make when selecting golf clubs.

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