Best Golf Rain Gloves For Wet Weather

We all love that time of the year when it is raining. During this time, we can do many things in a more fun way than we would do during sunny weather. Playing a round of golf is one of these activities. However, you need to prepare well if you are looking forward to playing in the rain. If not, it can be very frustrating or worse. All-weather gloves or rain gloves help you grip the golf clubs better in the rain or wettest of weather. 

In our guide of best golf rain gloves for wet weather, we will help you choose the best-wet gloves and give you some insights into golf gloves and how to handle them. Sometimes golfing in the rain can be challenging, especially when your grips get wet as they tend to become slippery. To counter this, you may want equipment that is appropriate for playing on such occasions. Most wet-weather gloves grip well on your clubs in the rain, and they can come to help you to maintain control throughout the playing period.

Why do you need golf rain gloves?

As you are aware, the weather in the UK can get so unpredictable. That’s why people are always prepared for whatever weather may come. Owning a perfect pair of rain gloves is one way of being prepared for wet weather. You may want to have rain gloves if your clubs get wet in the rain because there is a great chance they will slip when you are making shots. That may be the last thing you would want to do as you would not grip your clubs properly, and you may end up performing dismally.  

You may have prepared or planned for a round of golf and booked time only for the weather forecast to predict rain. When this happens, there are two kinds of golfers:

  • Most players go to the course unprepared, which results in them having a miserable round of golf.
  • Others pack a towel for drying their hands before each shot and spend a lot of energy ensuring their towel and golf gloves are dry. Their playing partners get annoyed as they tend to concentrate on driving their grips rather than the actual game.

When you have a pair of rain gloves, you will avoid both of the above and play your game without worrying about exchanging golf gloves every time or drying grips using a towel. You will also reduce the number of things you carry in your bag as a pair of rain gloves will be enough for use during wet weather.

Golf rain gloves are crafted using unique fabric with a better grip suitable for use in wet conditions. The wetter they are, the perfect grip they give. Some golf professionals argue that they offer 40% extra grip than other standard golf gloves. These gloves will protect your hands from getting wet when praying in the rain or wet weather, allowing you to concentrate on important things and how to score well in your game. 

Unlike standard golf gloves, golf rain gloves are designed in pairs to help you take your clubs out of your stand bag and push your trolley with your hands, knowing well if your hands get wet, the more grip they will provide.

Factors to consider before buying golf rain gloves

The following are things that you should look out for before you purchase a pair of golf rain gloves:

1. Fabric

You need to be aware of the best materials that are used to make gloves for efficiency. Some of the most common materials used for making all-weather gloves are leather and synthetic. Most players prefer leather gloves, yet they are more costly than synthetic ones because they tend to be durable and comfortable. Synthetic gloves are excellent when it comes to flexibility as you can use them in both wet and wet weather. They offer a great grip. Experienced or professional golfers carry both leather and synthetic gloves. 

2. Fit 

Pick a pair of gloves that fit your hands. This is critical as gloves that tightly fit your entire hand will make you play in wet weather comfortably. Rain gloves come in a range of sizes, and they are available for both genders. Gloves for wider hands are known as cadets. You should ensure that the amount of fabric that is left at your fingertips is very minimal. This is you ought to determine how fitting a pair of gloves is in your hands. If the material left on your fingertips is too big, it is evident that the gloves are not for you. At your palm and the back of your hand, the glove should be very smooth.

3. Wear it right 

When you put your gloves on, do so in an appropriate way. First, you need to pull your fingers in except your thumb and then put on your glove. After putting in your four fingers, it is now time to put your thumb, followed by a slight smoothening of the back of your hand and the palm. Close your clove with whatever is provided: mostly a strip Velcro or a snap.

4. Meets your needs

You should buy gloves that meet all your requirements. For regular gloves, if you want to have a better feel, you should buy half gloves and if you want to mark the ball on the green, choose gloves that come with removable disks. They are even available in different colours. Sometimes leather gloves can be quite expensive. If you do not have enough money for leather, some gloves are made of leather on the palm and synthetic on the back. They tend to be cheaper than gloves that are entirely made of leather. 

5. Your budget 

Your budget will dictate which brand and material you are going to buy.

Do golf rain gloves work?

Standard gloves are excellent at offering a comfortable grip when you are playing, but they do so only in dry weather. When they get wet, they become slippery, making your game a bit tricky. The reason can be the material they are made of. With golf rain gloves, you would not struggle as the wetter the weather, the more grip they provide.

Best golf rain glove

Wearing the perfect golf rain gloves ensures very few chances of your golf clubs slipping from your hands when you are playing in wet weather. This is why professional golfers buy varieties of wet weather gloves and make sure they are in their bags every time they go to play to ensure that they do not ruin their round for better scores.

Do Pros wear golf rain gloves?

Professional golfers can play golf in whichever weather. They are a remedy for every kind of weather, and that is why they always have golf rain gloves in their bags. The moment it rains, they just remove gloves from the bag and continue playing. 

How do rain golf gloves work?

The technology that makes these gloves allow them to absorb moisture in the fibres, and gloves end up sticking to your hands for more grip. In this sense, rain golf gloves are designed to be more effective, especially when extremely wet weather. This feature is why every golfer needs to have rain gloves in their stand bag. 

How do you hit a golf ball in the rain?

Below are our tips on how to hit golf in the rain:

  • Wear your rain gloves to make sure you keep hold of your clubs when you are swinging. Poor grip means you will hardly hit the ball.
  • Plan for your ball to have a lower distance for less carry along your wet ground. You should often pick the club.
  • Hit your golf ball harder from long grass or the rough. Wet weather retains a lot of moisture, and more power would be required when swinging through the golf ball. 

Can you wash golf gloves?

You should always clean your gloves. Manufacturers recommend that your rain gloves should stay clean. After using it multiple times, dirt build-ups and bacteria accumulate inside your glove; thus, you should always clean up. The following process can help you in cleaning your rain gloves:

  • Fill a basin with warm water and add a fair amount of washing liquid soap.
  • Put your rain gloves into the basin and ensure soap water gets into the finger holes of your gloves.
  • Squeeze the finger holes to ensure the water circulates evenly.
  • Once you are through with cleaning your gloves, rinse-clean them and lay them flat to dry.
  • Note: Do not dry them using a radiator or direct sunlight. Dry them in the shade. 

How do you dry wet golf gloves?

When playing in the rain, there are high chances that your gloves are going to get wet. You should not worry; just follow the following tips to make sure you clean your gloves appropriately. 

  • You shouldn’t place your gloves near sunlight or heat as this could damage your gloves, making them tear easily. 
  • Lay it flat and make sure it does not fold over.
  • When your gloves are almost dry, put it on and stretch your fingers into every hole to ensure it does not shrink when it is drying.

Our best golf rain golf for wet weather

Taylor Made Rain Control Golf Gloves (Pair)

Product description

The TaylorMade Rain Control Gloves are available in pairs. They offer high-degree warmth and grip during wet weather. They offer a great deal of enhanced confidence under challenging conditions as you can confidently swing your golf club knowing very well it won’t follow the ball down the golf course. The materials that make this glove are durable and flexible microfiber. Nylon fabric ensures that these gloves last longer. Despite their excellent performance, their feel is also great. They are 45 mm thick and help you not to feel cumbersome on the grip. 

Main features

The following are the key features of The TaylorMade Rain Control Gloves:

  • They are excellent in performing in wet weather, thus giving players more confidence during harsh conditions. 
  • They are crafted using microfiber, which absorbs moisture during wet conditions, allowing you to play in even harsh conditions.
  • The nylon fabric is robust, making them last longer.

Why we have chosen it

This product is unique when it comes to facilitating golf clubs with outstanding grip during wet conditions. The manufacturer designed these gloves with fantastic technology to ensure you have confidence when playing in the rain as you are sure that the club will not slip off your hands. The excellent reviews from verified buyers is another reason why we included this glove product on our list. Most golfers seem to be satisfied with these pairs of gloves.

Read reviews

We have established that this product has excellent reviews. For you to make a better decision, you should read as many reviews as you can. Do not be biased when reading reviews, as each review has its importance in helping you decide whether this is the product for you or not.

Srixon Golf Black Rain Gloves (Pair)

Product description

This product ensures that you have an unmatched grip in humid or wet conditions. This enables you to have maximum feel and control in challenging conditions. Srixon uses high-quality Cabretta leather together with Lycra inserts placed across its knuckles to offer flexibility with a great and comfortable fit to your hands. These gloves guarantee golfers optimum comfort, breathability, and flexibility in wet and humid conditions.

Main features

Below are the selling points of these gloves:

  • They are highly breathable, preventing soaking up moisture.
  • They fit well in golfers hands, giving a comfortable feel. 
  • High-grade leather material is used to craft these gloves.
  • They are highly flexible.

Why we have chosen it

If you are looking for a more flexible and breathable pair of gloves, we believe this product will help you have one in your bag. It performs excellently well in wet conditions, allowing you to make your usual scores even in difficult conditions. Its fabric is made from a unique Cabretta leather for maximum effectiveness.

Read reviews

Learn what other golfers who have had an experience with this pair of golf rain gloves say about these gloves. The only way to know this as an online shopper is by reading reviews. This product has both positive and negative reviews. Both will help you in making an informed decision.

Under Armour Men Storm Golf Gloves - Steel/Royal (035)

Product description

These gloves are made using UA Storm technology to repel rain without sacrificing your gloves’ breathability, thus keeping your hands cool and dry even in difficult wet conditions. It has a textured palm construction which is ultra-comfortable and allows complete playability in humid and wet conditions. They are 100% synthetic with built-in closure tabs that offer a perfect customised fit. They have a seam tapping construction that offers a sleek appearance and smooth fit. 

Main features

The following are the main features of these gloves:

  • They fit excellently due to the provision of built-in closer tabs.
  • These gloves are 100% synthetic which means they are less cheap than the leather ones.
  • Their seam taping construction provides an excellent fit and sleek appearance.

Why we have chosen it

These gloves are exceptional. We chose these gloves for their excellent fitting feature. The technology that makes it gives them a versatile fit: built-in closer tabs and seam taping construction. Also, they are 100% synthetic, meaning they will be less expensive than leather gloves. We liked that their structures do not get lost even when they become wet.

Read reviews

When you read reviews of this product, you will realise that it has positive and negative reviews. This is an indication that not all people agree with the manufacturer on what these gloves offer. It is up to you to determine whether they will meet your needs or not.

Bionic Men's Aqua Grip All Weather Golf Glove - LH (Left Handed Golfer)

Product Description

This is the only brand on our list and the market that a leading orthopaedic hand surgeon has designed. The glove is made for a left-handed golfer and offers anatomical Relief. Anatomical Relief Pads smoothes your hands’ natural valleys and peaks and cut down calluses and blisters. 

This glove lasts longer than regular ones, which saves on buying another pair of gloves every time. The manufacturer uses suede microfiber, which is ideal for use in all conditions, mostly wet. The glove’s design is Pre Rotated Finger, meaning the glove takes the shape of your hand, which feels like a second skin.

Main features

Below are the main components that make this product sold on the market:

  • This glove lasts between two to three times longer than regular gloves.
  • Its design makes it mirror the shape of your hand, making it feel like an additional skin.
  • The glove is appropriate for all conditions, especially wet and humid.

Why we have chosen it

This glove gives ergonomic design, great value, and an aesthetic appearance. You wouldn’t want a glove that feels heavy and uncomfortable when you are playing. When you wear this glove, it fits perfectly in your hand, making you feel like your second skin. Also, it is designed by a leading orthopaedic hand surgeon with a rich knowledge of what your hand needs.

Read reviews

Survey what buyers who have had an experience with this glove have to say about it. Some agree with what the manufacturer says about the product, while some present dissenting opinions. Study reviews to guide you in making a proper decision.

This guide is for any golfer who is tired of taking too much time dying the golf club’s grip during rainy days than the actual business on the golf course. It will help you pick some of the best quality gloves for playing during such seasons. Ensure you read reviews before buying any pair of rain gloves for playing in wet seasons.


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