What Football Boots Does Kevin De Bruyne Wear?

In 1978, the business Blue Ribbon Sports was rebranded by Nike, and shortly afterwards, it became public.

Nike established retail locations and suppliers in over 170 countries in the early twenty-first century. Their symbol of a curving checking mark known as “swoosh”—was instantly recognized around the globe.

Several well-known athletes committed to wearing Nike merch to aid in promoting the brand. Athlete endorsements are linked to Nike’s worldwide branding efforts.

Roger Federer, Mia Hamm, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan are just a few Nike sponsors players. The global brand opened a series of stores in 1990 to pay homage to celebrities and many other corporate spokespeople while also providing customers with a complete line of Nike items.

Although revelations regarding terrible working ways or conditions in the company’s foreign factories tarnished its image momentarily in the 1990s, Nike rose to fame again after providing their customers with quality wear time and time after again.


Kevin De Bruyne is a Manchester United football player in the Premier League. We’re not surprised that Kevin De Bruyne will wear the Nike Phantom soccer DF GT 2 Elite cleats in 2022.

However, on the field, Kevin de Bruyne wears the Phantom Vision II by Nike. These are a pair of shoes that come with segments and a sub-Flyknit top. The conditions and special treatment for control on these pair are meant to help De Bruyne’s make throws and score. A flexible Flyknit top is used to strengthen the Quadfit inside sleeve, which helps deliver a specific form-fitting tightening around an individual’s foot during movement.

With cylindrical studs for improved rotations, toothed studs on the heels, and toe agile zones for aggressive grip and dramatic directed shifts, the Hyperposition of the VSN sole has been refined particularly to help midfielder’s make transitions and direction changes.

Features of the shoes:


Extra precision on the hitting region of the sleek Vision Elite helps improve the handling of the ball, the spin of the ball, and shoot or throw accuracy. The primary distinction between every level is the type of material employed.

Even though many people find the lower academy shoes just as comfy and functional, they feature a more conventional synthetic cloth top and bottom standard elasticated ankles collar.

Since its first introduction, the institution’s lace covering material has indeed been modified to resemble very much like the upper models.

Nike adds a skin top and net booties for quality improvement at the professional level rather than a cotton bootie. The Elite models have a fly knit top which makes a great match with the NikeSkin. Together these provide a good foot lockup in the boots.


They have a unique top construction that makes them somewhat heavier and gives them a larger profile.

The skin covering and the Ghost tightening mechanism have an inner current control triangle featuring a soft texture and a smooth, consistent operating area.

The Vision Pro design is a high-quality shoe at an affordable price range. The Nike Phantom Vision Academia is the least expensive of the bunch.

It delivers a great feel and fit, with a controlling triangle, a micro-textured strike area, and synthetic netting construction. It is ideal for junior players, serious adult players, or anybody on a budget.


The novel plates manage to stand out on the outsole because they are super light and reactive, allowing the person’s limbs to be pushed to their limits.

The stud arrangement blends the old with the new, with Fourteen studs positioned with much less pressure. Three of them are in the big toe, forming a circle to encourage spins, and four-bladed studs are in the heels to provide greater stability.

In terms of upper, The Flyknit threads have been enhanced with multiple texturing to achieve a more smooth surface that doesn’t have to be used to soften up a lot like the CTR. Instead, these shoes offer a more creased finish inside the lateral, with much more grip to handle the ball easily. The ACC technology takes care of everything.

Price Range:

In terms of price, one would think that these shoes would cost a lot of money, but The Nike Phantom VSN 2 shoes range from $198.10 to $ 344.9. Compared to the quality and features, the price is not bad. In some cases, it is rather pocket-friendly. Multiple options for sports footwear by Nike are available on Amazon that falls in the same price range.


Coming towards the most concerning factor is sizes availability. Nike has an amazing range of sizes in this Phanton version 2 footwear. From size 7 to 12, Kevin has a strong fan base. Both kids and adults admire his dressing sense. For that reason, Nike Phanton VRS 2 comes in multiple sizes.

Why opt for these shoes:

 Shoe Quality:

Shoes have a propensity to take the shortest route to finish based upon demand. Nike Phantom Version 2 shoes are committed to their customers to maintain the greatest level of quality attainable.

Keeping athletes’ requirements in mind, Nike Phanton VRS 2 is dedicated to fulfilling the durability, endurance, and performance criteria.

Comfort Consideration:

Nike Phantom Version 2 shoes work to retain excellence, performance, and durability. They also add comfort to the equation.

When you slip on a pair of Nike Phantom Version 2, you instantly feel at ease. Nike has put in a lot of effort to ensure you get high-quality running shoes that meet your requirements for comfort.


Nike Phantom’s do not just provide you comfort. For anyone who wants to look sporty, these pair of shoes are a must a have. These shoes make sure that the professional always looks classy while playing sports and maintaining a good appearance.

Final Verdict

There will always be successful product brands that keep their worldwide prominence. Nike is unquestionably one of them.

What makes Nike so distinct cannot be explained because it all comes down to brand devotion.

For centuries, the brand has supplied the same high quality. Nike is one of the best sports companies because they continue to offer cutting-edge technology and equipment.

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