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No matter how busy your day was, the golf course will forever remain one of the limited places where you can relax actively for a while before heading back home. Playing golf always feels like going on a vacation, even if it is just for a few hours after work. If you live in a lavish city estate, you will not struggle to find a  golf course around.

Sometimes when you are playing golf, you might feel stuck. Technology has come forward to help as rangefinders are some golf devices every golfer wants to have in their golf bag. They have come to replace the era of calculating short distances using arithmetics. Traditionally, you would have looked for a sprinkler-head marker with a yardage stamp, count steps to the ball, and then subtract or add to find the distance from the ball to the green.

Right now, life is a bit easier. You will just need to take your rangefinder and point it directly at the flag: the distance to the pin will automatically appear on display. This has made playing golf much easier as it provides you with accurate measurements. 

How do golf rangefinders work?

Golf Rangefinders function this way: it releases a laser towards an object at a distance, which is the flag. After emission, the laser hits the flag on the field, returns to your rangefinder, and calculates the distance. There are various types of rangefinders that golfers use. The most common of them is the GPS Rangefinders and Laser Rangefinders. 

Laser best budget golf rangefinder guide

The most common Rangefinder type is the Laser Rangefinder, which works just as described above by emitting a laser to the target and then calculating distance. GPS Rangefinders function by downloading the golf course information and providing you with the actual distance from the target to where you are standing on the golf course. 

GPS Rangefinders are quicker at producing distances, but you will be required to subscribe to download the distance information. The best budget rangefinders can only be the Laser ones as there are no subscriptions that are needed.

Where do you aim a golf rangefinder?

You should always choose the best, and correct golf club as this will determine how fast and best you will be able to improve your golfing skills. A rangefinder helps you to judge the distance correctly. When aiming, always aim at the flag on the green using your rangefinder. You can also aim at other landmarks: mainly the fixed ones, during golfing to help you calculate distances. However, you should aim at the flag as a target. Even with cheap golf rangefinders, you will still get accurate distances. 

Are golf rangefinders accurate?

Golf rangefinders are quite accurate. If you want extremely and precise measurements for shots, we highly recommend laser rangefinders as the best option. A good number of models are accurate within half a yard, while some are premium models that tend to be more precise.

GPS rangefinders offer you only pre-loaded distances to landmarks on the golf course, which are majorly specific. Still, laser rangefinders will enable you to aim at any object you want to measure as long as it is fixed. So, if you want to find out the distance covered hitting your drive, you can simply calculate the distance accurately by aiming your rangefinder at the flag and subtract it from the total distance of the holes.

What makes a rangefinder illegal in competitions?

Some models offer extra information concerning playing conditions, such as slope information and wind direction, which is illegal in competitions. Unless the devices have options whereby you can easily switch functions that provide extra information, it will be the only way fairness in the game can be achieved. Excellent golf rangefinders slope function should have the ability to switch on and off depending on the type of match that is taking place.

Do golf pros use rangefinders?

You will hardly see professional golfers using rangefinders in competitions. They believe that they make the game look easier and lazier. However, if you can not use them during the competitions, you can use them during practice ahead of the main matches. Most caddies use the rangefinder to get every possible angle and yardage of each hole before competition day. All our budget golf rangefinders are ideal, and they will offer you significant features to help you enhance your golfing skills. 

What should I consider when purchasing a golf rangefinder?

Rangefinder brands have listed several features that entice the buyers to opt for their rangefinders over the competition. There are several factors which you need to consider before purchasing any rangefinder. Below are some of the main factors to consider:

1. Slope adjustment

Most great rangefinders are equipped with a function that allows you to accurately measure the distance to the target while considering the slope of the golf course. We have already established that this function is not legal under the rule of golf competitions. So, the slope function must have the ability to switch on and off. Besides, it can be helpful to practice golfing while the slope function is off and switch it off during competitions and club medals. 

2. Pin finder technology 

This varies with the rangefinder companies. It has a technology that separates the target from any other object in the background that may confuse the laser rangefinder. For instance, if there are many trees at the back of the green, the pin finder will help the rangefinder focus exactly on the flag to give a fast and accurate reading. Excellent models will vibrate, especially when the target is fixed, upon assisting measurement.

3. Magnification 

Some companies equip their golf rangefinders with magnification technology. Some have up to x 5, while some premium models have up to X7 magnification. Magnification is a significant feature to look out for when you are assessing the model to buy.

4. Accuracy

Most of these rangefinders are extremely accurate. It does not matter the price, as even the budget options tend to be very accurate. Some very expensive models have ranges accurate up to over 500-yard distance.

5. Ease of Use

Ease of use is the main factor that distinguishes the low and high-end rangefinders. With a device that is easy to use, you will have no issue quickly finding distances before each shot and locking the targets without the need to manually reset the rangefinder or spend most time squinting at screens reading the distances. Usability comes with a significant investment. If you are a regular golf player, it would be worth investing in high-end rangefinders.

6. Distance Range

Most golf rangefinders have a distance that ranges between 10 and 500 yards. The ideal rangefinder will depend on the factors that matter the most. Will the device be used for scanning hazards or when you are approaching the green? This will help you determine the kind of rangefinder you need. 

Some high-end models offer better scanning abilities through bush and tree cover and help you find the distance even when you are not getting a clean shot, while cheaper ones will typically pick up small leaves and branches that may be in your way.

7. Price

Laser rangefinders prices will mainly be anywhere between $60 up to over $500. Like we always say, you get what you pay for. The amount of money you pay for the rangefinder will depend on the fundamental feature of your game and how accurate you need it to be. The more precise the rangefinder is, the higher the price.

8. Battery life

Most of these rangefinders come with Li-ion batteries that last for many months and sometimes over a year, depending on the number of games you are playing. Some new models allow you to charge their batteries using a USB cable.

9. Waterproof 

You will need a waterproof golf rangefinder if you tend to play in the rain. You can waterproof your device to give it an additional protection layer to prevent it from being drenched in the rain. High-end rangefinders are entirely waterproof, while budget rangefinders may have some water-resistant features but may get damaged in the rain.

10. Display technology

Various display technologies are applied in golf rangefinders. The most common ones are OLED displays and LCD screens. OLED displays tend to be more expensive, but they offer the best contrast.

Our best budget golf rangefinder reviews

Mileseey Professional Precision 660Yards Golf Range Finder with Slope Compensation,±0.55yard Accuracy,Flag Pin Lock,6X Magnification,Scan Measurement

Product description

This device is developed with a time of flight (TOF)  and angle slope to provide you with accurate angle-compensated distance for sloped areas shots. The function of the slope indicator of this device can not be disabled. You can use this device for hunting, engineering, outdoor activities, and measurements other than just for golfing only. The accuracy of the MiLESEEY golf rangefinder can reach up to 0.55yard. It can measure up to 660 yards with an X6 magnification and 7-degree fiend angle. 

It can quickly scan and lock the accuracy of the nearest target with its slope competition function and flagpole scan to give you accurate measurements of the target. The device is made with a lightweight design weighing 168 g which provides you with a comfortable experience working as it is easy to carry with its high-end carrying pouch with a hook. It has a compact design and can easily fit in your pocket. Using this device is also easily facilitated by the measurement and mode button for accurate data. 

Main features

The following are the main features of this golf rangefinder:

  • It has a simple design which makes it easy and simple to use and carry.
  • The magnification of this range finder is X6 which is great.
  • It comes with a slope adjustment function.
  • The rangefinder is safe for your eyes.
  • It is water and fog proof.

Why we have chosen it

After trying and testing this product, we had no option but to include it on our list of best golf rangefinders. It is relatively cheap and will give you accurate measurements for better results. The device is equipped with a slope function which is important when you are practising on sloppy areas. 

The reviews of this product are also excellent. Many people are impressed with this device, and it is an indication that most golfers who have used it feel that it is satisfactory. We highly recommend this golf rangefinder.

Read reviews

Reading reviews of this product will give you different insights into this product. Although most of them are positive, you will still get critical ones. If you have developed an interest in this product, read reviews to determine whether the rangefinder does what it says.

Shot Scope PRO L1 Laser Rangefinder – Target-Lock Vibration - x6 Magnification – 875 Yards - Clear Red and Black Optics - Adaptive Slope Technology - Accurate to 1 Yard

Product description

Shot Scope PRO L1 Golf rangefinder has a small size, and it easily fits in your pocket as you take your shots. The device has a unique scanning mode that gives you readings by holding down a button to various targets while moving around the golf course and scanning the target you are aiming for. 

Despite this being a budget golf rangefinder, it has a pulse vibration when the device discovers the flag. The range of this device is 875 yards which are a little bit extreme, but it tends to be ideal for distances below 220 yards. 

It has an innovative flag lock technology and slope adjustment one, which forms a great deal. The design is better than most cheap models, which makes it quick, comfortable, and accurate. It comes with a hard case that protects it from external factors. The value of this device is worth your money.

Main features

The main selling areas of this rangefinder are:

  • Easy to use.
  • It has a slope function.
  • The price is pocket friendly.
  • It is equipped with pulse vibration that notifies you once the rangefinder thinks it has found the flag.
  • It covers a range of 875 yards.

Why we have chosen it

This is amongst the most impressive budget golf rangefinders available. It has some premium features despite it being a budget one. It has a pulse vibration which most budget rangefinders don’t have. Also, its range is a bit extreme as it is 875 yards. This range is commonly associated with premium rangefinders.

Using this device is a bit straightforward as there are no complex functions to operate. The device has a special scanning mode that allows you to read the measurements while holding a button down to multiple targets as you move around the golf course while scanning the targets.

Read reviews

This product has a good number of reviews. Different buyers and users have different opinions when it comes to the performance of this budget rangefinder. Some are very impressed with the device, while some find areas that need some improvements. Read many reviews so that you can draw a line between the merits and demerits of this golf rangefinder.

Precision Pro Golf NX9 HD Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

Product description

The Precision Pro Golf NX9 HD Slope Golf Rangefinder is a perfect golf accessory that you need to locate distances accurately within one yard. It is built with a brighter resolution and high-definition options. It has a built-in magnetic cart mount and a shockproof design. The magnet keeps the device secured onto the golf cart. The NX9 HD Slope Golf Rangefinder’s shock design provides enhanced strength and durability. 

It has X7 magnification, which gives a precise view. The slope display of this device is 24mm. You can toggle between elevation non-slope and slope modes with this device. The golf rangefinder is quite accurate, especially within one yard and has a range capacity of 400 yards, and it displays one-yard measurements. It is waterproof and offers an immediate vibration once it acquires the target.

Main features

Below are key components that make up this product:

  • It has high definition options with brighter resolutions.
  • It has X7 magnification, which provides more precise results.
  • This golf rangefinder is water-resistant.
  • It is equipped with a vibration feature that alarms you once the target is discovered.
  • The range capacity of this device is 400 yards.

Why we have chosen it

When choosing our best products, we always ensure we pick products that are easy to use. We always try to avoid a situation whereby our readers will complain that the products we chose are complex in their usage. This device is easy to use, and it will be quick to give you measurement readings. 

It is a water-resistant golf rangefinder meaning that you can play your game in the rain using the device and still be okay. The X7 magnification is another area that impressed us as you will get more clear and precise results. If you are looking for a cheaper rangefinder with some premium qualities, this is the product for you.

Read reviews

Reviews consist of independent feedback from golfers on their experience with this product. Also, you will get opinions of golf experts and whether they recommend this product or not. We recommend you read reviews before buying this product so that you can determine whether it will provide you with the experience you are looking for.

BOBLOV 650Yards Slope Golf Rangefinder with Pinsensor 6X Magnification Support Vibration and USB Charging Flag Lock Distance Speed Measurement Range Finder LF600AG with Slope (White)

Product description

Pinsensor technology gives you quick measurement with one-yard accuracy. It is integrated with Pinsensor technology to measure overlapping subjects, lock a range of up to 200 yards, golf flags, and easily switch units between yards and meters. This golf rangefinder is also facilitated with vibration function, which can turn on and off. When the device locks the flag distance, your machine vibrates automatically. You can decide to switch off the vibration function if you feel like you do not need it.

It is equipped with three modes: flag locking mode, ranging mode, and speed mode. The device supports speed measurement. It is easy to use as all you need is to short press the power button once you target the moving object, and all the speed data will display on your device’s screen.

The design of this machine is quite simple, which makes it a lightweight golf rangefinder and easy to carry around while hunting, golfing, surveying or measuring. It has a built-in battery, unlike others with an external removable battery. You can use the USB cable to recharge its battery which makes it an economic-friendly device.

Main features

  • Using this device is less complicated.
  • It is a lightweight rangefinder; hence you can move with it around without feeling its weight.
  • You can use your USB cable to recharge its built-in battery.

Why we have chosen it

It is our first rangefinder device with a built-in battery feature. This feature is absent in most rangefinders. This is among many reasons why we have shortlisted this product. Once the battery depletes its power, you will only need to recharge using the USB cable, which is a bit economical. At no time you will need to buy batteries.

Also, the device is ultra-portable, meaning you can easily move it around without feeling any weight. Having a heavy golf rangefinder may make you feel fatigued quickly. This device has an advantage over other devices for its reduced bulk and weight.

Read reviews

Reviews will help you in many ways when you are looking for the best rangefinder to buy. You will get different sides of this device, and the moment you are pressing that BUY button, you will have made a pretty informed decision. In the process, you will be able to distinguish the good and bad sides of this product and weigh out whether you need this product or not.

Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Laser Rangefinder for Golf - Distance Finder, 800 Yards Range, 6X Magnification, Flag Lock Pulse Vibration, Non Slope

Product description

This device gives you everything you are looking for in a golf rangefinder at an affordable price. It is an ideal blend of technology, versatility and precision. It helps you explore your way on the golf course with a lot of confidence and offers you accurate distance measurements.

The manufacturer strives to make this equipment accessible for every golfer. Blue tees Golf aims at dispelling that golf is expensive with their range of high-quality, premium equipment. With this device, you can easily measure relatively long distances with precision. It has a capacity of 800 yards. 

Main features

See the main selling points of this product below.

  • It has powerful  X6 magnification.
  • The equipment is favourable for all weather conditions such as rain.
  • It has a wider range capacity of 800 yards.

Why we have chosen it

This product is amongst a few products that have premium features with low prices. Since we were looking for the best golf rangefinders on the market, this was an ideal product to fit on our list. It also has a vast range capacity of 800 yards which is quite impressive. In addition, the powerful X6 magnification is something we could not ignore.

Read reviews

The information we have provided you here may not be enough to decide that this is the appropriate device to buy. The reviews section is where you get to hear from the buyers. Some give positive feedback on the product while others give negative ones. All of these will help you make a better decision.

We believe if you have been playing golf, you know what yards mean. In case you are a newbie, you will get to learn later. Also, some devices have conversion features that convert yards to metres and vice versa.  

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