What Football Boots Does Messi Wear?

The first Lionel Messi signature football shoes unveiled by Adidas was during the early 2010s. Before that, Adidas has released several special shoe collections for him from time to time on different occasions, which includes the famous Adidas Lionel Messi Soccer boots, the special FIFA Ballon d’Or Lionel Messi Soccer cleats. In the past, Adidas has signed a five-year contract worth £400,000 per year to supply Lionel Messi’s football boots.

Adidas is a well-known manufacturer of athletic footwear and clothing. Take a look at the list of well-known celebrities who Adidas has endorsed. Currently, celebrity icons like Selena Gomez and Kayne West have joined the Adidas bandwagon. But, let’s face it, it isn’t simply just big names who wear Adidas shoes that contribute to their success. 

In recent years, the company’s financial performance and global presence have both improved. The brand is continuously investing and focusing on sustainability and maintaining quality products to increase the popularity and demand of its stock. It’s a global brand, and in the past few years, Adidas has maintained and managed its global presence quite well. This has aided it in reaching a large customer base and increasing revenue.

The Adidas X 19.3 Ll Fg Football boots

The laceless designed mesh upper on the Adidas X 19.3 Ll Fg Jr. football boots comes with low cut collar-claw that is lightweight. Because of this, they hug the foot and fit well, keeping you stable even during erratic movements. While the outsole is made of feathery TPU, the arrowhead TPU forefoot studs provide traction on firm ground. The Adidas X 19.3 Ll Fg comes with a lace-free construction with a double-layer knit upper for a secure fit. Soft leather completes the appeal. 



 You get a guaranteed agility stud supportive material. Both the outer and inner part is made of synthetic material. The upper mesh part has a semi-height cut design making the ankle area more comfortable. Along with this, it is highly responsive through the ball-free and ball control mechanisms. The sole material’s synthetic body is made up of a blend of nylon polyester and latex. This blend, along with the leather upper, makes the shoes durable.

Sizes Available

Here comes the best part. Messi has a huge fan base, from young children to adult men who love following his style and fashion. Because of this, Adidas has made the shoes available in several sizes so that everyone from children to adults can enjoy them. It is a UK-based product hence the available sizes on the amazon app start from 10 Uk children to 13 UK men. 


The Mutator Pack series of football footwear is designed for use on natural outdoor surfaces. The lace-less design makes it more unique in that it maximizes your speed with ball-free and ball control movements. The other feature that stands out from other boots of this range is its height-cut design made precisely for athletic use. This approach is intended to allow the fore and rearfoot to move independently and adapt to numerous running surfaces without overstretching the foot while providing high levels of support and stability.


The following football footwear is available in several colours, presenting a wide range of shoes. The available colours on the amazon app store of Adidas x 19.3 Ll Fg jr. are :

  • Black Golden 
  • Blue Team Royal Blue Footwear White Core
  • Multicolour
  • Azul Team Royal Blue Footwear White Core Black
  • Orange
  • Coral


Moving on towards the price range, the price of these shoes on the amazon store can range anywhere from £44.00 to £85.30. One would think that because performance shoes are designed for specific sports and to improve athletic performance, they would be more expensive than daily footwear, but this is not the case. You can find many other shoes in the following price range from the mutator pack series of football footwear.

Closure Type

As mentioned on the website, the tapered back end helps the shoe adapt posture according to your foot shape, giving it a personalized fit. Athletes tape their feet and ankles for various reasons, including injury prevention, especially in sports with a high risk of damage due to contact. Ankle taping can also speed up the recovery of foot and ankle injuries, allowing athletes to return to their sport of choice sooner.

Why choose these shoes?

Comfort First

Adidas shoe costs, as everyone knows, vary depending on the product line. Someone who recognizes the value of good footwear, on the other hand, will gladly spend money on them for a variety of reasons, including comfort, utility, and style. To comprehend why Adidas sneakers are so popular, you must first comprehend why they are so big.

Loyalty Towards Customers

Adidas places equal emphasis on innovation and customer happiness, so they take time to create new footwear technology.

Confident Boosters

Good shoes boost your confidence in several ways, and that’s what an athlete requires the most. You can recognize this through the quality and special features Adidas provides in their customer-friendly price range. Adidas sports shoes are created after extensive research and experimentation.

Consultations with athletes and consideration of their preferences and needs in their respective sports are just two of the reasons why professional athletes frequently praise the brand’s footwear. Besides big names, you’ll also find many good reviews about Adidas x 19.3 Ll Fg jr. online. 

To Summarise 

Adidas provides you with the energy return of boost foam, the flexibility of stabilizing the Torsion system. You can elevate your style and sports game with this football footwear since they’re made with continental rubber outsoles, which are tested for traction. The Adidas x 19.3 Ll Fg jr. is built to excel your energy on the field. 

Adidas’ ambition is to become the world’s leading athletic brand. As a result, athletes like Messi are at the heart of everything that they do. According to Adidas, “The sharp end of our spear is seen on breakthrough goods, as well as with the world’s finest athletes, teams, and events.”

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