About Us

Sport – it’s amazing, whether it’s boxing, football, cricket, tennis, rugby, golf, whatever! We love it all & we’ll follow our favourite teams and players across the country, spending all our spare time giving our support.

So we thought, why not share our experience? We created this website in 2021 as an area to provide our knowledge & expertise in written form, to help our readers with various informative guides across the sports that we love.

Beware, you’re likely to find a passionate opinion in abundance, whether it’s right or wrong!

Our Values

When you read an article on our site, we always try and stick to our values in whatever we write, so we know that everything we’re putting out to our readers is of the highest quality.

Passionate Opinion

As we’ve touched on, and as you would expect in a sports-based blog, we’re full of opinions! We support different teams, and we favour different players, and that bias naturally works itself into our writing, and there isn’t much we can do about that! But feel free to debate it with us in the comments!


We’ll be honest. We plan on doing a lot of reviews of products, whether they be football boots or cricket bats, and maybe over time if we’re lucky, we’ll actually get sent some products to review! However, even if that’s the case, all of our product reviews are going, to be honest, and we won’t like every product that we come across!

You can’t buy a positive review here.

We Put In The Reseach!

We can’t try absolutely every product, and we don’t know absolutely everything about each sport, however, we put in the time, and do a lot of research on our content before we actually put it to our readers. We won’t always get everything 100% right, but we’ll definitely try our utmost!

What You’ll Find On UniSportOnline

That leads us nicely into the next section, on this blog what type of content can you actually find on here? There are three main pieces that we tend to write, although that doesn’t mean we strictly only write content that fits in these categories, we might try something new every now and again.

Reviews of Products

One of the core aspects of our blog is to review individual products and let you know our opinion on their quality and value for money.

Informative Guides & Information

Another thing we do is we love to share what we know and what we’ve researched along our travels. Knowledge is power! We regularly write “how to” and “tips” based articles.

Best Buying Guides

Finally, the last type of piece you might find on here is simple round-up posts, usually based on our experience in reviewing a multitude of products. This can come in the shape of a guide of “the best boxing gloves” as an example, in which from our experience we will provide you with our opinion on the top, usually 10 or 5, boxing gloves.